D2 RoT Mod - Amazon - Discussion (levelling, items, crafting, etc)


So, I’m currently brand new to D2 having only played D3 and only then on X-Box 360 and One X. Anyway … I am really digging the mod ( thanks, @Ram ! ) and I was about to get into discussing this with @Pierre over in the main D2 Reign Of Terror mod thread, and figured it best to not derail that place too much, so I bought it over here.


Some acronyms that I know:
Acronym Real Word
AR Attack Rating
DPS Damage Per Second
Some I may have made up:
Acronym Real Word
Chance to Hit CtH

My Amazon (sub-prime)

So I’m now at level 31, and was levelling slow to start with, because ( I didn’t know ) but I was weak as all fuck.

Then @Fuzzydunlop gave me the sage advice to switch from Fire Arrow dependancy to Magic Arrow. I’m now levelling much quicker, and it does soooooo much more DPS for basically zero mana usage.

That combined with lighting/magic guns and a few points in a certain dual wielding second class mastery, and targo’s hammer aligned to a full Retreat(?) skill has me MOSTLY not dying. Also, for some reason, my AR hasn’t ever allowed my CtH to drop to less than 90% which is insane.

Plus, thanks to the mod, I’m doing a lot of switching things up to find better DPS, and to balance stuff, and ( when I remember ) add defenses a little more dilligently.

I’ll post more details of my build here when I can.

Champagne problems:

Issue Detail
2nd Weapon What I’d love to do is to bring my second weapon set up to a similar level ( hard? ) so that I can pummel my way out of a mob … which happens frequently.
Big Bads Most level bosses and heros I’m now OK with, but some I just cannot seem to dent. I’m hoping this is just down to not having a special item or something, but they appear to just be incidental as they’re levelling up with me. ( like the other monster at the end of Act I, and the giant scarab in the first desert crypt of Act II )


What are you doing with your Amazon … dirty answers accepted :sweat_smile: … or am I taking a route that might put me in more trouble?

This is what Pierre and Fuzzy were saying in the main thread.

I personally would suggest trying d2 at least once.If the graphics is a problem.There’s always d2 resurrection.That’s why i appreciate RoT this much because i played d2.I have a sorc as well but i love the amazon but she was my least favorite class in d2 but i think Ram did justice when he made her.

I am also not a pro in mechanics.I try to stack as much attack/res that i can find.Idk how well my character will do in late game but the only way to learn is through trial and error.Depends on stats(i am full dex)Mobs can hit a little hard.I just maxed magic arrow and now i just focus defense.I hit for around 3k at the moment but i still have low gear(i have worst luck when it come to finding stuff xD)

But main thing is to have fun.I don’t have much time to play even over holidays but when i do get to play,I can’t put it down as i am having to much fun :smiley:

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Heh. Nice … what level are you currently at?

I’ve got up to 31 just over the past day, and I’m now hitting close to 12k DPS, with 100% CtH … but I take regular poundings and I still can’t hit mega bosses for a single point of damage.

Also, I’m finding myself getting one-hit by Zackarumites in Lower Kurast … I’m not huge on my defence (~1000) but I should be getting one-shot, should I? Is it a resistance thing? Some are still really low.

It is. Physical resistance. Freeze them with cold arrow, or increase your armor. Or just kill m before they reach you.

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Ahhh … physical … I’ll look into upping that … my armour is at 312 and I’m level 34, I think.

I really should post a character page image.

Thanks, Fuzzy!


Holy crap … it’s next to impossible to up Physical Resist :scream:

LOL … I’m not the first to see this.

I now have 6% PR :sweat_smile:

Anyway, is it me or is the guide’s insistence to max out Inner Sight a little off? As far as I can see it’s doing between sweet fuck all and a whole shit ton of nothing to the resistances of even weak enemies … am I using it wrongly or something? (I’m spamming it when they’re close)

Plus, I tried to up my defence and armor at the expense of DPS (and a tiny bit of AR, but not much) and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference to the one hit wonders. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh, yeah, I switch in a Defiance mercenary … who (much like upping my 6% of PR, and adding more armour / defence) appears to make yet more levels of fuck all difference. :sweat_smile:


OK, my advice is when you can reach it, if you’ve relied on Magic Arrow, switch to Guided Arrow and dump all the points from MA in there. I just almost tripled my DPS. It’s a bit of a janky fighting mechanism, though, as you can’t just spray and pray (as you’d think …) … you actually need to literally click on the thing it has to guide to.

If you’re spamming it, yes you are using it wrong. You use it once at the start of a fight and just apply it again once it wears off.

It lowers enemy resistances and defense, so it’s likely to be the biggest dps boost you’re gonna get, next to critical strike. So it’s easier to hit and crit, but mainly the resistance reduction is a big damage boost. Provided you use those damage types.