[Mod] Reign of Terror

I wanted to make a pony level with rainbows, teddy bears and unicorns :frowning:

Definitely on my watch list
all we need now is this :slight_smile:
http://diablo.gamepedia.com/Fetish_Shaman_(Diablo_II) i loved these guys

Give us a Necromancer or riot! oh wait… :rolleyes:

Don’t worry, all D2:LoD classes will be included. :wink:

Looking good so far! Best of luck in your project, it’s pretty ambitious.

jk, there’re enough necromancer masteries around here… but definitely i’m going to play Necro on your mod!

If possible… it would be great to hear that old voice from Deckard Cain again… “Greetings!” :smiley:

New gameplay footage of Tristram can be found here: https://youtu.be/123lpDH_9Oo

That looks epic!!!

got the feel of it, looking good.

Mate what do you use to record videos? It’s really choppy.

Xsplit - free version

I will have to reduce recording resolution so it’s not tearing so much.

Do you know about any better freeware video recording software that would allow me to record in full hd without issues?

PS: Updated the main page

If you have an Nvidia card, then get or open GeForce Experience and use the recording software inside it (don’t remember the name), it’s the best one currently. It’s free too.

Thx for the tip, will give it a try.

Edit: That’s exactly what I was looking for. Enjoy the new quality: https://youtu.be/SeZeJ6LVVW8

this is really cool, have you thought of buffing all movement speed for this mod?

Also do you plan to change the npcs skills to match d2?

This! If i come by the video and now knowing this thread, I’d think its a D2 with new engine!

I will adjust movement speed once I have completed more maps and have some testing done, it is too soon for such topic.

Regarding skills: yes, I plan to change some of them (probably not all though)

Glad to hear it. Seem like my intentions are working.

wow amazing work !

that is a lot better. really is looking good so far.

Thanks, still a long road ahead of me but we’ll get there eventually.

Only wish I could have more time for this project… it would be possible but I would’ve to quit my job (and that is not going to happen) so yeah… be patient :wink:

4 days progress:

If you’re going for a 1:1 remake then your doing an awesome job so far. As an avid fan of D2 (who isn’t though?) I would love to see this finished to the end! Seeing this kinda makes me wish I had the skills with the editor to pitch in. If I had the skills I could have seen myself doing this exact thing.

Not sure if your looking for criticism but I would suggest you try new things, mainly with level design. The level design for D2 was done the way it was becuase of the technology restraints at the time. As one plays D2, you notice that everything feels “flat”. As in, there is hardly any elevation (other than maybe A5 as you climb Mt. Arreat) that a player can traverse. All elevation in D2 is non-existent in that form. But it fits the style because of the limitation at the time and it feels fluid. Maybe its just me, maybe is cause its 2d vs 3d graphics. But the 2D design it looks like you’ve got going…looks odd.

What I have noticed about your level designs so far, is that it looks extremely flat and it just looks kinda odd. It also looks like you’ve super sized empty space. It’s painfully obvious in your version of the Rogue Encampment, Stoney Feilds and the Blood Moor. Without being able to play it, however, I can’t say for certain if it is completely flat or not. Maybe add some elevation to those “emptyish” spaces? And perhaps more vegitation?

PS - Made an account here just to make this post! Great Job and please finish!