[MOD]Stasher v11 fo Include source data & Still applicable (GDx2)

Does it work with the DLCs?

It seems working fine, on I assume this not affected with further updates, so it will work fine even updating as the mod does not interfere with the database files.

Minor issue though: the positioning of items is a bit off - the upper side of the item boxes should be higher a little. But not so important.

Would be good to have this on Forgotten Gods, I’m a full time user of this mod now!

Thank you for making it. :slight_smile:

huh ? it definitely does contain some changed database files. They probably won’t change in the future though

I meant, that it does not interfere with character skills, or any other modification of further patches to cause an issue and lack of an update’s feature.

I’m playing Reign of Terror Mod and I would like to increase my inventory. Is it possible to include Stasher in another mod ? Or only the modder can do this ?

Need to integrate source data with Reign of Terror Mod.

Man, this is amazing! The stash space should be like this by default, I see no excuse to have it as small as it currently is. And ef all those ‘it’s gonna be disorganized/hard to find stuff’ qq’ers - to them I say > learn to organize.
Great work! :slight_smile: +999 kudos

Well, while it adds incredible amount of space to the game, it is still not enough for us, filthy collectors. Could you just multiply the pages from 5 to 10, at least on Shared pages?

(I’m aware that there are external tools to use for storage purposes, but I have never fond of any of them, as I have to exit the game which breaks immersion.)

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I tried to add more pages by modifying the caravan_window.dbr file, but it appears that the number of pages is hard coded. It won’t even show the extra buttons I added. I have looked all over, but can’t find a variable anywhere (including places like gameengine.dbr) that sets the number of stash pages.

That’s because the information is defined in its template file( .tpl). If it’s not in the template, then whatever you add won’t work, as you’ve found out.
Is it possible to modify the template, and have the game recognise the changes to it? I don’t know.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve unzipped file to:
C:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods

So now it’s
C:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\Stasher v8

Go to carlile and stash is same size.

I’ve unzipped file to
G:\OLD Windows 7 Documents\my games\Grim Dawn\mods
(the above is the location of “my documents” folder for my Windows)

Go to stasher and stash size is still same size.

I’ve also tried leaving them loose so that it does away with the Stasher v8 folder and puts the 4 folders inside of the mods folder:
G:\OLD Windows 7 Documents\my games\Grim Dawn\mods

What am I doing wrong?

C:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\Stasher v8

So I have to start a new custom game with new characters or is there a way of using my existing characters that already are mules and storing items?

Thank you

This requires integration of source data into GDX1 packets.

you could create symbolic links (there is a tutorial on that), or you can use an editor to change the mod-flag from false to true, thereby making the char a mod character. Don’t forget to after the fact move the char’s dir from save/main to save/user however.

Same here have tried all of these an no go.

NICE! love this mod

Is there any guide about this?


closest thing to a guide we have atm, i’m too busy to be writing guides

Oh god it looks harsh to do but i will try this. I appreciate this