[MOD]Stasher v11 fo Include source data & Still applicable (GDx2)

DownLoad: Stasher_v11_fo_1.1.4.1 (GDx2).zip (1.9 MB) Still applicable (GDx2)

Usage: Unzip to *…\Grim Dawn\mods*


Using JMD’s Grim UI in Reign Of Terror MOD:

Special thanks:
caravanwindow.tpl provided by ASYLUM101
Grim UI provided by JMD’s


Thanks for the quick update!

Thank you. You do good work!

Thank you very much for this, it’s perfect !


I have only just now noticed this is tt300 from old TQ days…
Salute to a Chinese TQ community veteran~

他乡遇故知的感觉,然而我并不知道您是哪位,不管怎么样,握个手吧 :d

Can this mod be used with Crucible? Or only custom game?

At present it is only a custom MOD, if you want to use Crucible, then the source data must be embedded in the GDx1 database “GDx1.arz”.

you get strange squares in the smuggler stash and transfer stash

the stash when at carlie smuggler shows small blue and red boxes in a square at devils landing
with new a created character???
Me only Grimly:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

OMFG ! OMFG ! OMFG ! The auto sort items button - its far from stash tabs YEEEEEEEEES !

If i use this will i still be able to play with normal game people ?

No, it is launched via the Custom Game menu option.

Yeah just saw…sad…so its for what ? Why isnt this in the actual game ? where would the harm be ?
And no offense - but why should i play it ? its not like i can interact with normal game chars…very sad…this was PERFECT stash ! PERFECT !

Because not everyone, myself included, wants to have a fuckhuge stash taking up their entire screen to never find anything in.

Then it should be optional.

This argument is used when no other arguments exist. Why should Crate waste time developing something that a good chunk of the playerbase, and possibly them themselves, be averse to using and would never touch?

Answer, they shouldn’t, and instead they prioritize other things.

it is, you can choose to use a mod that expands your stash

Yes but not in normal campaign…where i already have my chars

Have a read of this topic: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37906

The mod doesn’t work for me. After unzipping it into the mod folder and starting a custom game with a fresh character, my character inventory on the right side shows a blank square, while the smuggler stash remains identical to the base game.

Remarkabely i had the exact same issue with the “Expanded Stash” mod. (Will post there too.)

Running under Win10, Game version Steam cloud is disabled.

Edit says problem is solved. It was a mistake on my end.