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Thank you for your hard work.
There is a little problem with the extended version.

  1. As for “Grim UI X-Smuggler”, when I used the mod version, only the smuggler part became a woodcut. Is this intended to put the regular version of textures in settings/UI/caravan? The normal version is all wood carving without having to make such settings.

  2. Pop-up text in the item search field is not displayed correctly (Tag not found). It was the same even if I made a mod in the source version.

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I can confirm that here as well I get the Tag not found but the woodcut skin appears to be showing just fine for me on the character panel.

Just to check but you do have GrimUI (the latest version) installed into the Settings folder, correct?

@JMD - Also, I get a Tag not found display over the toggle button when it is toggled to the transfer stash. When toggled to the personal stash tho it pops-up as it normally should.

Strange, only when I put UI in settings, all will be woodcut. The mod I used was just downloaded.

The same. I also confirmed it now.

The stash mod is pretty much just for the expanded stash with the expanded stash themed with the GrimUI theme… you still need to have GrimUI installed in the Settings folder for everything to have the theme.

Thanks. If that is the case, I can understand. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was wondering because it was different from the normal version.

@JMD - I just seen over here in the Stasher thread: [MOD]Stasher v11 fo Include source data (links to post 84 of the thread).

…if you follow the conversation from that point on with them working out what to do etc it seems some headway (I think?) was made getting Stasher updated. Seemed like it might be relevant for you so hopefully there is something useful there for you to use.

Edit: and actually, looking at the top of the thread - [MOD]Stasher v11 fo Include source data - I think that they might have managed to get Stasher fully updated to

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I had some time for Grim Dawn again today. I could do the following with the tool:

  • Download
  • start (with and without admin) no problems
  • Select Enabled
  • Select Disabled

but nothing seems to happen to me.

My UI folder is not renamed to “_UI” or anything else. It stays like it is.
Also I have tried the tool from different drives to start. No reaction.

The tool is callable, operable, but it seems like nothing would happen to the folder.

My path to Grim UI:


And I have Win7Pro x64.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

My idea is it doesn’t find the path in win7?


Edit: and no AntiVirus messages I got, everything ok with that exe file

The GrimUI itself works wonderfully …

Edit 2:

I also have a standard symbol on that exe file. It looks like an unknown filetyp icon.

Very interesting, your path there. This is where I place my UI folder:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings

Didn’t realize you could create a Settings folder in the installation folder itself and that it would work. Anyway, that explains why it isn’t working for you - because my tool isn’t looking at the path you are using :slight_smile:

I guess you could either move your UI folder to the same place that I use or if you want I could look into having it check both locations. Will be a little more mucking around for me tho but if everyone else is doing something similar let me know.

Yup it’s just a generic icon that it auto-compiles with by default. Maybe at some point I’ll find a more “custom” icon. Or maybe JMD perhaps has something on hand I could use in its place?

Yes you can setup 2 Folders, in the other i have my options and keybindings. Many users have that so.

That explains, why its not working. :+1:

The game uses both folders.

Anyone has written here, that crate had implemented to test quickly some things…

I think its better you let check the other path too. I have no problem to move it.

But I think you will get more and more messages over the time from people which use it and it would not work.

Everyone has a different config. I think its better to check both.

Ok then I’ll fiddle with it a bit and set it up to watch for both locations. Not sure how long but I’ll post here when it’s done then.

@powbam Edited top reply…

Take your time :+1:

Or a path selection field like used in warebares coloring tool … which allows to set the correct path by the user.

As an icon, an extra icon for GrimUI should be used / created, which would mark / represents the tool in the future, I would suggest.

But this will be JMDs part, which one he would like for his tool.

Here ya go: Download - Mega.nz

JMD will need to update his link for it in the OP - unless he first happens to have an custom GrimUI icon I could use, in which case I’ll have to do a quick “update” with the icon.

Either way it should now work for you. On program start it basically checks “my” location I use for GrimUI as the “default” location. If it doesn’t find a \UI or a \_UI folder in that location it punts you to an alternate screen with a button to press that allows you to set the path for your \Settings folder location.

Navigate to your \Settings folder then hit OK. The program will then show you the path you selected, you hit OK again and then it will reboot and you are good to go from there on out.

Note: Now upon start GrimUI Tool creates a folder in this location (if it doesn’t already exist):
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\My Games\GrimUI Tool
where it will store a token text file that it checks with your custom location so that the program will always remember this custom path.

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@powbam answered this but, I’d like to it follow up with my reason for doing it this way.
Grim UI is intended to be a vanilla only UI replacement. Grim UI X-Smuggler is an add on so I don’t force people into using it.

Yeah, I was looking at that last night. They did get it updated due to ASYLUM101 getting the template file taken care of. Thank you for the tip though.

Concerning your GrimUI Tool, I’ll get the link updated. As far as an icon goes, that’s one thing I don’t have at the moment.

I’ve updated the X-Smuggler files. I do apologize for the tag not found issue as that was a complete oversight on my behalf.

No problem. That’s just for “if” you feel like mocking up something thematic. If not I can always toss in something else slightly less generic eventually.

And hope you don’t mind the chatter in the thread over my tool. I’m actually also working on a tool for switching @stargater 's font mods, as well as a tool for switching out mod directories (including save folders) to keep them separated from each other (so that Custom characters in game aren’t all bunched together - make it easier to tell what is what), and I also want to rework my own GD Switcher tool as well as eventually combine them all in one interface (I intend to keep individual versions tho for those who might not want the whole shebang).

Once I get further along with all that I will probably end up reconfiguring my GD Switcher thread and moving it all there so your thread doesn’t become diluted with talk of my own stuff - or in this case, the GrimUI Tool :slight_smile:

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many thanks :+1:

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I’ll see what I can come up with. I haven’t made any icons in quite some time but, it shouldn’t be a problem.

No worries on the chatter, man. :+1: I personally think it’s great that you’re making contributions to enhance things for not only me, but others as well.

If anyone’s guilty of gummin’ up the works though, it’d be me trying to break the stash mod to “absurdity and beyond!”.

You’re welcome!

Can anyone tell me how I can make a thick divider in a post? I’m using the hr tag for the thin one.

TY! Looking forward to it.

Instead of using <hr> you can also use 3 dashes --- on a line of its own. A little quicker to do it that way. As for thicker tho there is nothing I know of at the moment except perhaps to use the <kbd></kbd> tag, like so:

<div align = center>



Which looks like this:

You can, of course, modify that however you like.

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Cool, thank you!

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What you guys are doing here is superb! Honestly, it will be great when GD is finally finished with updates, then the modding community can release their projects without constant updating after patches!


Yeah, I was convinced by Powbam’s explanation, but I was confused because it was not written on the OP.

Now I’ve merged into vanilla with a new file. Everything is good. :+1:
I applaud for your work. :smile:

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