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Sorry about that. Here’s a link for Nexus Mods, UI’s only though.

Grim UI Nexus Mods

I made a larger one based on your VX character. Now I send the source data here for reference. I hope to match it with UI when you are free. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow!

I’ll look into making a Grim UI skin for it later, but no promises though.

Looking forward to your new products. :grinning:

I did some minor updating of the following:

Grim UI

  • Changed the color of the cross glow on the class selection button over image.

Grim UI: Malmouth

  • Changed the devotion sidebar window background to match the Malmouth theme.
  • Changed the converstaion window close button over image to match the Malmouth theme.

Grim UI X-Character
Grim UI Hoarder
Vanilla X-Character

  • Removed the default bag inventory area indicators.

None of these changes warrant a re-download, in my opinion.

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The final theme “Grim UI: Forgotten” is released.

I’ll work on getting the extras released within the coming days.


I just noticed that your vanilla XSmuggler has a different layout from the Grim UI and Malmouth ones. Would be great if they all had the same layout, as then changing skins would simply be a matter of placing the right files in the settings folder, just like it is for the char UIs.

On a somewhat related note, do you intend to switch to the 1.1.4.x layout with the toggle button (instead of two separate buttons for char and shared stash) ?

Here’s an screen shot I took using Grim UI, Grim UI X-Smuggler mod and the Vanilla X-Smuggler window tex file.

That layouts are pretty close, actually. The biggest difference is the search box location and the close button image, as you can see. The only other thing I can think of is the file name for the smuggler window in each mod being different.

Screen Shot

The vanilla mods were intended to be used with the vanilla UI only, so I never thought about making them all interchangeable. I can do some tinkering and see what happens as I’m kinda curious now.

I switched to the toggle button subsequent to the release of the patch. I remember this well as I had to update the template file.

agreed, the buttons are mostly off by 2 or so pixels, the biggest difference is the search box

that too would need changing :smiley:

the advantage would be that if a mod included the Vanilla-XSmuggler dbr files, the user could still decide which UI style he wanted independently. Right now as GrimUI-XSmuggler is a mod of its own, it would clash.
By having the same layout, that difference in the dbrs would disappear (doesn’t matter whether you use Vanilla or GrimUI dbrs as the base, the above was not meant to say it has to be GrimUI that should change).

yes, my mistake, your button arrangement just is different from Stasher but you also use a toggle. I looked at the vanilla image and there were no labels as to which button is which, the Grim UI images do.

I agree with you and I’ve started work on the X-Smuggler mods to allow this interchangeability.

I appreciate the suggestion.

All of the Smuggler mods have been updated to utilize the same database records making the graphics interchangeable. They are now truly standalone as well. They contain all of their own graphics and no longer require any other resources.

Hopefully this will be useful. :slight_smile:


Grrr, looks like the load order is mod, settings dir, vanila GD, i.e. the file in the mod wins out over the one in the settings dir. So simply reskinning the XSmuggler via the settings dir turns out to not work.

As soon as I rename the mod’s ui.arc, it shows the full Malmouth skin (because it no longer finds the files included in the mod, so now uses settings).

Of course that is not a solution, nor is not including the files in the ui.arc and requiring every user to put them into settings… Would be nice if Crate could make an exception in priority for settings\UI and have that take priority over the mod. To me this seems to be the only way for this to work seamlessly.

Oh yeah, that’s frustrating indeed. Wish I had a solution, man.

The Forgotten Crucible HUD image is uploaded, for those interested.


I’ve updated all of the X-Smuggler mods with the following changes:

  • Added the clear search button to the ui.arc file, which now I can make the claim that they are truly standalone.

  • Changed the graphics directory from “caravan” to “x-smuggler”. I did this with the intention of not overwriting any files in your settings directory, should you use this method.

I am not sure what this accomplishes. The buttons are 99% identical anyway (except for the caravan/buttonwindow* files, which only exist in X-Smuggler, so there is no overlap to worry about) and the background image, which also had a name that does not exist in the ‘regular’ caravan.

So to me there was no overlap between the regular caravan and XSmuggler that would have required this and all it did is duplicate all the buttons that both have in common.

The only case where this would possibly matter is if you wanted e.g. the Forgotten skin for your regular GD (incl the regular Smuggler) but the Malmouth skin for the XSmuggler for whatever reason (which sounds highly unlikely for anyone to actually want). Am I missing something ?

Changing the directory name accomplishes exactly what I said in my post. It prevents any overwriting of files in the event that someone uses the settings directory.

A few files with the same names exist along with some new ones that are particular to X-Smuggler:

  • caravan_nameplate.tex
  • caravan_transfernameplate.tex
  • caravan_windowbackgroundimage.tex
  • 6 new button_*.tex files.

I wanted to avoid overwriting these in the event the user wanted to uninstall the mod. Yes, I could have changed the file names, but I opted to change the directory instead. This makes more sense to me in that one doesn’t haven’t worry about what files got added or overwritten during install. Now they can just delete the x-smuggler folder and move on.

I agree. I can’t think of a reason why someone would do this either, but, you never know. This had nothing to do with my decision though.

In short, I wanted to stay out of the caravan directory altogether and make the mod completely self-contained.

I’ve updated all of the X-Character mods.

  • They now use the same database records making the graphics interchangeable.

  • Added some new files.

  • Changed the graphics directory from “character” to “x-character”. I did this with the intention of not adding or overwriting any files in your character directory, should you use this method.

  • The Vanilla X-Character underwent some minor changes to accommodate the database records.

The Hoarder mod has not been updated yet, but should be tomorrow.

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Grim UI Hoarder has been updated. I also included the files for the Vanilla UI, so it’s an “all-in-one” mod now.

And yes, I have plans to combine the Grim UI X-Character with Vanilla X-Character mods and Grim UI X-Smuggler and Vanilla X-Smuggler mods, making them “all-in-one” as well. This will do away with the vanilla mods altogether. I know this will screw up files that are specific to those mods, but that’s why I’m giving you the “heads-up” now.

I do apologize for being a pain in the ass with this, but I’m trying to consolidate some things as this project has grown beyond my expectations. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Vanilla mods have been merged and are no longer available for download as of today.
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I’ve added a download that changes the codex window selected text color that can be included in your mod, if you have one. It contains database records only. There are no .tex files to copy with this add on.

The color matches all of the Grim UI themes and is a higher contrast which makes finding the selected item easier, at least for me anyways. I thought someone might find it useful.

Codex Window comparison