[mod]-test version- 7th mastery~necromancer

You need to use the mod tools for this?

I think it’s better idea to make the base skeleton skill as a vanilla-like, where putting points increases its life and damage. And then make a transmuter (3 ranks) increasing their summon limit in exchange for lower stats and cooldown.
Since they wield swords, split their basic attack damage between piercing and physical. Or change their weapons to maces/axes.

The name of a combined class shows up as “Tag not found: tagSkillClassName0370 (20)”. So you need to come up with at least 6 names for different class combinations.

necromancer + nightblade = Reaper

Isn’t Reaper a 2H guy? Assassin is more fitting name for Nightblade combo.

Skeletons are very weak, I can not kill the bosses and heroes

At what level are you having the issue?

On a side note, while the damage from skeleton charge skill is visible, the normal damage skeletons do does not appear on the actual skeleton skill.

great idea of class ,I know you are still working on stuff to make it more balanced ,only current feedback at some point work on the names necro+ arcanist = pale lord I think there is other more fitting names ,thanks

Skeleton will not get any benefit from the base skill, but bone graft. So you need invest in bone graft to enforce skeletons.

Bone grift and Seance which is right above it. If anything skeletons probably need to be toned down a bit more.

so i up levels and put in the bone graft

but that still imbalance i think, this boss can kill all skeletons for 2-3 mass attack

Bone graft is the main source of damage and health for your skeletons in the start of the game. Maybe you can try maxing out Bone Graft before putting point into Seance and Bone Spike Burst. Should work much better for you.

Played the class for a bit and already thinking about late game and class mechanics. Here are some suggestions.

  • I was hoping for more Cold/Aether Damage not so much Vitality Damage
  • I like the mechanic to use your health as a resource, but there isn’t really any mechanic to get your life back
  • More Lifeleech instead of Vitality Damage oder Vitality Decay.
  • It feels like the Bonespear need some rework regarding energycost, Pierce damage (havent understood why using a non magical damage, you coul put cold damage instead, maybe slow/freeze target) and therefore the modifiers need some attention too
  • 0.3 m Radius for Wraith doesn’t do the spell any good, especially when you gor for a ranged build with bonespear. Maybe combine some aspects of Wraiths with Netehr Shield and give the Wraiths more range.

These suggestion are mostly influenced by a synergy with Arcanist

:stuck_out_tongue: thank you for playing and suggesting!
I happened to coincide with you. I just add some Lifeleech instead of vitality, this will also privode the health you need

But I maintain most of Vitality Decay – because you can get many benefit for Vitality Decay from items in the game, however, nearly mo damage source of this type!

My origin design for Wraith is a two type skill—
For ranged build, this skill is only for protect you by knock down the enemy who get closed to you(by the transmuter). In this case, damage is not a keypoint.
The damage and modifier of Wraith is provided to melee builds:p

Wow really good job you’ve done.

As I said earlier my wife is Chinese and when she gets time if you need help with translation chuck me a PM.

Well done on this great job!

Honestly man, it’s the wrong approach to building a pet based skill. I suggest you open hellhound and briathorn skills and check how they scale, because your way isn’t going to work

Well you will need to build the mod so yeah, you’re at least going to use the Asset Manager. It’s no big deal though merging is really easy compared to making a new skill or a new mastery.

I knew how origin pet skills worked. Every pet has a passive builtin skill as the “innate”. Hound 1 will get the lv1 innate skill.

But why can’t I set this as a modifier skill(because i like this style)?:confused:
I tested it and it works properly;), what isn’t going to work?

A skeleton with no BoneGraft and a skeleton with lv16 BoneGraft;)

Pets aren’t going to work since they will do almost no dmg and won’t be able to survive… 8/8 and 12/12 and these guys sucks… Against lvl 12 monsters. How do you think they will perform in ultimate then? Bone graft does work, you were right about having to resummon them, however. The issue is extremely low base stats. That’s what i mean by check how other pets scales, so you would have an idea on the stat values for each skill level. Also, I don’t really see any meaning in investing points in last skill for skeleton line. It’s just not going to be worth it with enormous 13s skill cooldown for resummoning the guys.

You are actually wrong on skeletons sucking. Skeletons actually do more damage than most of the other pets on low levels. Their performance on ultimate is based on gear and constelations rather than base stats. I do agree that with the summon skill cooldown the last skill is not really worth it though. The major difference with the other pets is that the skeletons are more squishy, but you get 4 instead of 1 pet so that does make sense. You can’t really judge a skill based on what it does on level 12.

:o I don’t know what happening to your skeleton…
I created a new test build.while lv10, with 6/8 skeleton and lv6 graft.
they can kill every normal enemy in the The Flood Passage(lv10~13) by one or two hit(200~300damage)
4 skeletons kill the boss of The Flooded Passage in about 10s

they can even defeat the lv26 normal enemy in Sunken Reliquary(while 1 VS 1)

I think this is powerful enough…

you should know that the stat of pet also decided by your charlevel, so they really sucks if you are too low level compared to enemies

:eek: In addtion, have you maintained more than one version of this mod? Some guy told me that some strange bug while they place different version together…