[mod]-test version- 7th mastery~necromancer

From March 2nd, 2020:

----This is only a test version!----

:stuck_out_tongue: sry for my bad English bacause I come from the other side of the Earth.:wink:

This is a mod which add 4 -> 5 new masteries (necromancer,ranger,fangshi and cenobite) and Items for them

*no new map now (and no plan).you can play the origin story with new mastery
*may very,very,very imblance now!

It’s complete!
:pThe version no jump to 1.0 because this is a content complete version.

All thing I imagined have been added to this mod.

update maybe continue - but only for some bug fix and balancing, I think.

An interesting journey came to the end.

Thank to everyone that helped me!


And as the content complete version released. The source files is also released.
You can use them freedomly, just check the Copyright.[/b]

Thank you again for every here!
fix a tooltip issue.
fix a issue that monk’s prefix add block to book:(
for the game version 1.009
New sets
and little fixes.
Now you can only buy FISTS from Kerrick (the 1st merchant of DC)
All monks’ items added.

You can use components on fists now.
Fists - offhand added.

add the relics and epics for monk
other changes at here

add the prefixs and suffixs for monk
1.23b -bug fixed

New mastery - Monk

details HERE
–1.21b fixed some icon and text issues

See the reply

See here

old versions changlog

Support the base game v1.006
Legendaries added(14).
Skill Balacing.

Legendaries added(9).
Skill Balacing.

Legendaries added(18).

Legendaries added(16).

Bug fixing
Legendaries added.

New relics added.

changlog at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=418518&postcount=447
Make sure you check the tip before you update!

Epic weapons(20) added.

My fault, i packedged the Chinese text file in 0.56…
So you will see many ■■■■
sry for it

added english localization file (to solve the problem that masteries name not shown on main char select menu)



changlog here

New prefixs and suffixs added.
please check it at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=401398&postcount=367

Bugs fixed.

New mastery.

Please check it at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=398941&postcount=334
some text fixed.
here comes Grimmest NCFF.
value adjust for signets.
A big update. Please just check the changlog here:
only normal version now
Grimmest version should be later
Seem to be that the bug of orbiting projectiles can not be fixed now, so sad

so I have to redesign the Freezing Flap

Now it named Freezing Strike, a base attack just like FireStrike

It can hit sevral targets (cleave while melee attack and penetrate while range attack)
But cost more mana while dealing less damage than Fire Strike

Twist Fate now give you a short duration Invincible and Damage Multply while you are hit by chance. It also get a visable Fx.

several fatal bugs:
No mana cost for ice wings
hyper attack speed for signet of fire
(0.21 deleted)

New update now

upgraded the merge with Grimmest 0.7

Numerical Blancing to Necromancer and Ranger

Only a early version of ranger and fangshi, so just relax if you found him too strong/ too weak

New mastery - Fangshi

This skill is come from a traditional eastern class
And his skill logic(maybe strange:p) is WuXing(The five elements)
you can check them at

He is a spell-caster who use the nature power in the mass, like a merge of Monk/Shaman/Mesmer/Enchanter. However, he need caster weapons to expert his force. And most of his skills is melee or shot-range.
And seeking for description of Ranger and Fangshi!

Because of the possibility of loottable-change in the next update of GD, I will begin the work on new gears only after that.
However I’m gald if everyone can give me advice of the Epic/Legendary for Nec/Ranger now.:stuck_out_tongue:

Download here
Newest version
NCFF 1.32b

NCFF 1.32b with Grimmer and Grimmest (by jiaco)

you can check the readme.txt in it.
Please make sure that place [NCFF](not NCFF0.x) in [Mods] folder directly.

English localization file

this file can solve the problem that masteries name not shown on main char select menu)
just place it under [localization] folder (DO NOT unzip it!), and select it in the game option.

You don’t need this if you think it’s ok for masteries name not shown on main menu.

Chinese localization file

This is the chinese localization source file. For these kind guys who want to help me to fix the English translations or translate to none - English language from the source language directly.
new text at: tags_skills.txt

you can use the source file freedomly, but please check the Copyright:p

old versions

unpress this rar then copy the NEC_test0.0x directory to mods directory
then select custom game at main menu~

The picture arts in this mod is NOT created by me. They mainly come from commercial games.
They comes from:
-Xiao Ao Jiang Hu OL
-Warcraft III and WoW
-some other commercial games
Most of they have been some modified.
Thank to all these great games and the artist.
(GW2 -Daniel Dociu and Kekai Kotaki. sry for I don’t know other artists)
Both I and the users of this mod should agree that they will never use these rescourse for commercial purpose.
If you are the owner of these arts and think this mod infringe your right, please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible.
Also welcome to any painter can provide arts to me.

You can:
-Play and Modify this mod as anyway you want, if only for personal usage or for your friends.
-Merge it to other mod. While giving a link here.
-Publish it at other site,but every time link here.
You shall not:
-Use this for any commercial purpose.
-Modify and republish this,which may cause chaotic versions.

First of all, please remember that you never need to pay for this mod.
Modders should not work for money , I think.
In fact NCFF means New Contents For Free.
However, everyone will be happy for present
Especially for poor guys from relatively poor nation, like me:p(never mind this,a joke)
So donate is always welcomed and thanked
This is a paypal link for if anyone really want to support my work by money
Donate if you want
But just feel free for this if you just want get some fun from this mod
;)Never mind it

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Wow looks nice, I’ll try it out later:D

Nice work! Your English is very good, but some phrases are awkward and we would not hear them on TV. I changed a few to be closer to what we hear on TV even though your sentence structure was usually correct. (Common TV English vs Proper English vs Awkward English, I picked Common TV.)

tagClass07SkillDescription12B=Enforce your pet with pay the price.
tagClass07SkillDescription12B=Pay a dark price to reinforce your pet.

tagClass07SkillDescription13B=Bone prison bound your enemy.
tagClass07SkillDescription13B=Bone prison binds your enemy.

tagClass07SkillDescription11P1=Using assault to close near a monster.
tagClass07SkillDescription11P1=Assault your foes while moving closer.
tagClass07SkillDescription11P1=Assault your foes while moving closer to unleash your necromancer powers by touch.
(Added more flavor text in second option but I don’t know how the skill works.)

tagClass07SkillDescription09=You learned how to use your item and contral the undead by contact with ancient sages.
tagClass07SkillDescription09=Control the undead by contacting ancient sages.

tagClass07SkillDescription02B=While hit any enemy,wraiths can instantiate their power to protect you.
tagClass07SkillDescription02B=While hit any enemy, wraiths can instantiate their power to protect you.
(A common mistake here, might want to look over all of your commas. I am only providing one example.)

tagClass07SkillDescription01B=The power of soul enhanced your bone spear.explode while hitting enemies.
tagClass07SkillDescription01B=Soul power enhances your bone spear causing it to explode on impact.

tagClass07SkillName02=Astrosphere Wraith
tagClass07SkillName02=Astral Wraith Guardian
(Astrosphere is just a clumsy word but cool. I might prefer your version)

A minor suggestion, always use 7z or zip files. RAR is a file type I never use because RAR programs don’t work together and claim “corrupt file”. (RAR is not a standard but a style, each program uses a different style and some programs don’t understand each other’s files.) 7zip is always free and works under all major and most minor OS. http://www.7-zip.org/ Better compression than WinRAR.

:smiley: thank you for your help! i’ll use this text for next version!

I corrected the grammar and clarified a few things. Some of the skill names were changed slightly to make more sense as well.

Thanks for the awesome mod!

I’ll also keep a running list of suggestions for the mod as I come across them:

  1. Summon Skeleton - these deal way too much damage, at least early on. They can kill hero enemies in 3 hits.
  2. On the character selection screen, the class title does not show up: https://i.gyazo.com/5fd8fd3634ad4db3bcd58076fdec5822.png
  3. Nether Shield absorbs way too much damage. Even at rank 2, the amount of damage it absorbs exceeds my maximum health. Combined with high physique, you’ll never need to use a potion.

:smiley: thank you for your help!

yes, Skeleton is too powerful. this will be fixed:)

This looks very nice.
I like the old D2 elements, like bone spear.

I can’t wait to get to my computer, download the file, and discover the new mastery.

Did you make all the effects and images ?

Skeleton Charge shows the damage of the character’s off-hand, not skeletons’.
Also the description doesn’t mention their damage and elements of their basic attack.

Wonder if there is a way to combine this mastery with the Grimmest mod? So you can play both at the same time.

tried it out… looks very promising

I hope this gets include in the various total conversions people are working on.

skeletor agrees!

Should be, I was able to combine my custom mastery with Grimmest. Just merge files and change what need to be changed in Grimmest. Most likely there won’t be any needed.

Looks cool I will take it for a spin.

:cry:I’m afraid i can do nothing for this…
The description is auto generate by the engine:o

Thank you for suggesting!

1)they are weakened now.the problem comes from i gived them too powerful weapons.Now
they only have normal weapons, and their amount limit decreased. I set some flat phys damage in mod1 for compensate. Need further test for balancing.

2):undecided:i also noticed problem2, some times it will show but most time it dispear
I don’t know why. maybe it because the text Recourse of mod is not loaded on the main menu :rolleyes:

3):cry: it seems you can not set duration of a shield buffer:undecided:. Any suggest for this skill? Exclude phys damage, or reduce the absorb amount, or just increase tier of it?

Only 8 levels for skeletons is a joke. Their damage is way too low now and their hp is absurd. Keep in mind that bonus dmg to pets will scale to their basic dmg. And if you will keep it at ridiculously low levels they will do nothing later on no matter how many bonuses you will throw at them. Also with that amount of hp they will get one shot in ultimate by almost anything.And with the enormous skill reuse time it will become obsolete in boss fights
Also some skills lack logic. Especially desperation. -41 hp/s at lvl 1 and -21% in yn your health reduction and needing only 5 points in mastery? And demerits only increase with level up. No sane person will ever take that skill.
Necrotic attack modifier makes no sense. -30% vitality and aether dmg? So it only weakens you then instead of giving bonuses??? Also description contradicts itself. Says expands to allies, but only works for caster.
Undead mastery modifier also is badly thought. Considering how limited pet gear actually is -5% all resistances in horrible idea. Shaman exclusive skill for pets will be used over that one with no doubt.
Some word choices for skills is just plain weird with necrotic being overused way too much.

Edit!!! Skeleton skill lvl 8 and they are dying to lvl 6 white trash mobs…

and another edit. Seems like you failed bone graft skill coding. Seems you intended for it to increase skeleton stats, especially with flat aditional physical dmg to their auto attacks, but how it works now that skill seems to register as aditional usable skill rather than bonuses.

Skeleton charge needs a longer cooldown and it’s damage scales with player weapon damage, not skeletons

And bone spear modifier additional energy cost is way too high

Thank you!I’ll check these later!
#1 Skeleton
Skeleton will not get any benefit from the base skill, but bone graft.:stuck_out_tongue: So you need invest in bone graft to enforce skeletons. I just test it and the flat phys dam works properly. However, you may needed to summon new skeleton
(maybe flat phys dam still needed to increase)

#2 Desperation
It’s my fault.:rolleyes: The original idea of this skill is appled to your skeleton, but i forgot to set it as a pet bonus…fuck my life

#3 Necrotic attack
Maybe this is a mistakes in comprehension:undecided:
This is a transmuter (not modifier) for party play. you can share the other effect (except conversion) to you party members but pay some price.

#4 Undead mastery
It’s still a transmuter (not modifier) ,only for summoner.
I thought its too powerfull for only 1 point. So i gived it massive penalty. Maybe this can be adjustment later;)

#5 Words
Sry for my poor vocabulary:cry:

#6 Bone Spear
Yes, it will be fixed

Hey man your mod is pretty neat for an early version. Besides that I’ll agree with Gezas concerning… Well, everything he said.

Also something I need to point out is that most heroes won’t be attacked by more than 3 entities at the same time, which means there’s always going to be at least one skeleton in the back waiting for his spell (which is pretty worthless because of the huge cooldown) and wandering around.
I think the number of pets able to attack one enemy can be changed, but it might be tedious to do so for every possible (small-medium) heroes that might spawn*, but it would be nice to something to compensate for that.

  • I’m not changing the values myself I’m too lazy (frankly I just don’t care unless it’s too annoying for my own enjoyment) to do that kind of shit, I’m not even into summoners in this game. But I’m starting to understand how to make it interesting thanks to you.

So good work on the mod, it’s going to be amazing if you fix bugs and balance it out for vanilla GD.

I didn’t see this before typing my comment and going on other things before sending it.
Anywho good to know about the fixes and changes, looking great now!

The problem that heroes won’t be attacked by more than 3 (in fact 4) entities at the same time is comes from the game engine. It’s an ancient problem from titan quest…:cry:
The only thing I can do is to reduce the skeleton ammont:(

Trust me, nearly perfect English is just some lucky coincidence:p
My English is still bad and thank everyone for help me to correct the text.