Mod the health and damage of enemies?

Hi all,

Basically, I’m trying to increase the monster health and damage.

I’ve tried to change the text in the files:
Grim Dawn\Working\mods\survivalmode\database\records\game


The “characterLifeModifier”, changing those values has no effect on enemy health. After I make the changes, I click “build” in the asset manager and the mod correctly shows up in the game’s mod folder.

Is this the right process? I guess I’m not changing the correct text because I don’t see an increase in monster health. If anything monster health actually decreases, what was a lvl 3 zombie had 140 health before the mod and around 120 health after the mod. Maybe the mod is not really running?

Thank you for the help!

It work for me remember
1 = normal 1 players
2 = normal 2 players
3 = normal 3 players
4 = normal 4 players
5 = elite 1 players
and so on

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Thank you for your reply.

I understand that the first 4 entries are for normal mode, +1 level for each player. I’m going to delete everything and try again.

Please correct my process if it’s wrong.

Asset manager: import the data file, in this case “balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty_enemies01”. Then make edits, “build”, and run the game.

Yea that is the correct method

But if You have the expansion packs You need to either setup path to then in asset manager options or You could copy them over manually.

Expansion packs Are extracted to mods/dgx1 and gdx2.

Select gdx2, find the dbr file and copy it to your mod replacing the old

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The values in the xpack is not the same values as the default game values and that may be why the hp goes down

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Hi, thanks for the information.

I think “gdx2” doesn’t have “balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty_enemies01” in it. Neither does “gdx1”. So if I copy the file to “gdx2”, it will not replace any old file. I’m confused now.

If none of the expansions have “balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty_enemies01” then why don’t my edits on the file work?

This is my process:

Database -> Import

This is the only file that I can see, none of the gdx folders have this file name.

Edit that file, “characterLife”, build, launch game, and there’s no change to enemy life.

Did you select the mod ? Just launching the game and then playing is the vanilla game.

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No, I didn’t! How do you select a mod? I didn’t see any buttons for mods when launching the game so I assumed as long as it’s in the mod folder, it gets loaded into the game.

Pardon my crappy arrows:

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Hmm, I cannot use the same character in main campaign and the mod. That’s unfortunate. Thank you very much for the help!

No, modded characters are separate from the main campaign ones.

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Using the gd stash tool, you can Edit your character to set it to a modded character.

Then go to documents/My games/grim dawn/save and move your character from the main folder to the user folder.

If You have cloud savning enabled, then there is some more steps just search Google “grim dawn move save from cloud”

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thats a very blurry unspecific reference. what exactly are you referng to?
do you mean filenames eg
enemies03 … etc

or do you mean order/place of the entries inside characterLifeModifier ? (whats my guess)
using 1 instead of “1.” can be very misleading . precision 4tw. :wink:

Here was my own I used with the grim reborn 2 plus my own exp to next level change I made also.
Fun fact a lv39 walking dead at start had 69k hp lol (ultimate). I modded the hero’s hp also. They are much tougher now. I never understood why a skeleton golem thing hp was nearly same as a non hero.

He is referring to the life modifier chart where 1 is normal (1 player), 2 is normal (2 player) 5 is elite (1 player) 8 is elite (4 player) up to 12 being ultimate (4 player) etc etc lol