Mod Wishlist

The flood-gate of modding is opened! So what mods would you like to see?

Personally I am hoping for an overhaul of the crafting system, something that makes it less of a RNG. The easiest way I guess would be that you are deconstruct uniques into different types of components, which you can then recombine into new items. This way the game wouldn’t be so dependent on the loot table to give you new stuff to use.

I am also wondering if there would be a mod that gives every skill a transmuter :smiley:

Diablo 3 char mod or something similar especially the voodoo man and the wizard

roll dodge it would be great, and of course new monters, big bosses like Tera

  • Bows
  • 2 Hand Staff
  • TQ Classes (as an overhaul)

I would like to use 2 handed weapons in only one hand :smiley:

  • make up mod, buyable skin/make up to make the characters different than other player (like soulvizer mods in titan quest)

  • more masteries, precisely related to the theme which is steam punk

  • UI mod

  • more stash

I have been pushing for Transmogrification for a long, long time now.

There are so many awesome looking items in the world of Cairn but, alas, they are not always BiS and so, often sit on the shelf gathering dust.

Enter Transmogrification. No longer must those awesome looking items sit, unused and feeling unappreciated in your wardrobes and storage chests!

Kit yourself out with the most badass outfit you can and go slay some otherworldly horrors - IN STYLE!!!


I have a feeling something like this may be coming soon, have you seen the items Kory the Keeper gives out?

Hey ASYLUM. Exciting! No, Kory the Keeper does not have anything else to say other than his introductory passage for me as of yet as I recently came back and clean slate started again.

Should I look him up or wait to be pleasantly surprised? :wink:


I haven’t either? If it’s something to do with transmog then maybe I shouldn’t give up hope.

Definitively more stash space, like PlugY in Diablo 2.

Already a thing.

And what a beautiful thing it is.


You guys will need to activate your preorder bonuses on Steam (idk how it works for GoG) for Kory to have things to give you. Unless you don’t have any then you’re sol.

Dual Wielding 2H
Scepter that can cast like a wand instead of being melee
2H Staff
Bow because Gun are the worst thing about Grim Dawn (sound is too loud imo)

Titan Quest Class Remake or Import
Titan Quest enemies models, would love to have them integrated to the main campaign especially the bosses fights.

Arena-style map with randomized contents
Rogue-like Dungeon maps

WoW (MMORPG) Style Skills bars.

How do I activate my pre-order bonus, ASYLUM?

Thanks, bud!


You should have two codes at Humble by now, one for the game and one for DLC. Register the second one with Steam and talk to the guy on the right if the Dac gate to get the items.


My mod wish is a dumb one, but I’d like a mod that removes the randomly placed roadblocks. I know, they serve a purpose in making us explore and not always be able to take the same path. But more often than not, I find them to be merely a hindrance, taking away from my fun, rather than adding to it.

I didn’t buy the game through Humble though, Mamba. I just bought it through Steam.

Do I still get access to this content?

I don’t think my purchase could be seen as a pre-order as such. More just a purchase prior to official release…



No, these are just for higher KS tiers or higher packages from this website, not for regular Steam / GOG purchases

  1. soulbound items one grade higher than legendary. call them “artifacts” and make it so that only stuff youve never seen before will drop for you, and only stuff you can use. also limit the amount you can get. like having to complete some kind of radiant quest such as clearing a 30 floor dungeon

2.The already existing item deconstructor should give 1 of the components needed to make it. randomly selected from the components used in the actual recipe for the item.

  1. level cap, monster scaling and item scaling to higher levels. with items available that are only usable at hte highest level. currently i havent seen anything higher than level 75 REQ.

  2. imported / shoehorned maps from existing TQ mods (with permission) along with all of the TQ classes and appropriate new hybrid class names for intermeshing with GD classes. add the items too :stuck_out_tongue: