Modders Assemble!

Having Lua messages in the console is great

I would like versions of player:HasItem and player:TakeItem that ignore equipped items

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Here’s a couple of ideas I had today, and throwing out some stuff that I’ve had on my mind for a couple years now…

  • Boolean for 1h weapons to blacklist dual wielding for that particular weapon. Alternatively… maybe a way to dual wield 2 handed weapons, or at least use one with one hand and a shield in the other.

  • A new passive/threshold buff. Instead of simply granting a buff at X% HP, always grant the buff but at various thresholds, magnify the effects of the buff. 100% HP the buff is at it’s least effective, while at low HP (w/e value input by the dbr) the buff could be much greater, maybe comparable to how Savagery has it’s multiplier for charges. Multiple charge levels for hp thresholds would be cool too. (This also seems like a thematic skill for a berserker)

  • In a similar vein… a duration buff that can stack with itself. Kind of like a castable endless buff? I guess similar to what Denis was asking for earlier with SR Charged buffs that can be used without potions.

  • We’re getting potion mods later on in Fangs DLC iirc, I hope this includes skill modifiers for modders to play with for custom ‘potion’ masteries…? If not, thats something I’d like to see too.

  • Skills that can trigger on block, like a wave, a nova, or projectiles. Maybe a secondary effect like Spectral Wrath that only triggers on block?

  • % Health Reservation. % Active Health Cost would be a fun mechanic for vampire classes or something, flat health cost is so negligible most of the time. Also while we’re at it, % Energy Reservation and % Active energy.

  • New CC related debuff templates. We have Trap and Freeze, why not add Taunt, Petrify and Trap too?

Also I wanna echo what Okami said earlier about the regex scripts that cleanup unnecessary clutter from DBRs. I used those scripts a few months back and it’s night and day with the performance changes to Assetmanager for big mods like Grimarillion. Building the mod without that can take up to several minutes, even opening directories in AM will take up to 20 seconds. (affix/item mod folders). If it’s possible for AM to run these regex scripts it would be incredible.

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Yessssssssssss dual wield 2 handed weapons lets go

maybe the easiest solution is to modify dbr files for 2 handers and make them one handed so that should be easy ?

We’ve already had that done in D3 mod for years already, it’s not a solution and easy to exploit

oh i see

Got a few more ideas

  1. Have a way in lua to set loottables for chest on the go

  2. ProjectileFragmentOverride for skillmodifiers so that we can change the fragment given from the skill tree via item skillmodifiers.

  3. Lua function to get the distance between two points.
    I get that the ability to read/set coordinates was likely disabled for some security reason, but really disappointing that now on several occassions I want to check to which object the player is closest to and can’t.
    Trigger volumes can sometimes used for a workaround, but it is a box while pretty much everything else uses a radius, so does not always work.

  4. Updated skill templates.
    What I mean by that is, sometimes a skillmodifier template is able add additional working properties to skills. However, those field values are not available in the skill template itself. But if the template is modded to have it included it will work.
    So guess the request is to add missing working properties to skill templates.

In a similar note, I while back I asked if the skillmodifier template can be updated to support a pool of summanable pets.
E.G modify the summon skeleton skill to spawn different skeleton types. Currently you can have 1 pet swapped into the skill, replacing its entire pool.
So any news if that was possible to update?