Modular building hell / monster update

I’m currently in modular house hell, attempting to reconfigure the modular house assets so that they use a smaller texture space, create fewer draw-calls to the graphics card and are easy to place in levels. It is an extremely tedious process but, in an effort to ensure the best performance possible, it is something that must be done. :mad:

Some texture / model improvements happened along the way, so that may be noticeable in future screenshots once this is all done. These modular pieces will provide a ton of flexibility to modders though, allowing them to go crazy creating all sorts of unique building layouts.

Also, we’ve gotten a few new enemy models finished but it is going to take a while to get through all the animations and get them in-game. So, that’s something to look forward to. Here is a sneak peak of the “scavenger”.

you lot amaze me!!! not only are you going to make this game completely modder friendly, (which is a good thing) but you also add a kick ass monster in the game as well:D (just reread, so this is one of the new monsters that have been finished there abouts, utter neat

and it looks utter badass, and not to be trifled with, (but they got to all die so killing them will be equally as fun

question, how many monsters are in the game currently? and are there plans to add more? (which by this rate seems possible) :smiley:

awesome work to all involved, GD is shaping up very nicely, nice update, can’t wait for more

PS, the modular house system sounds cool, any chance of seeing a sneak peak on the house designs that are possible? or is that too early?

but keep up the great work you are doing

I wanna shoot it with laser arrow bullets!

me too, I spotted them first, so wait your turn:D

I know a few people who will be happy killing rat mutants…

Now that I think of it, they remind me of balverines…

I hope they drop some nasty MI loot

NICE :D! i looking forward to this game! really :smiley: keeb up the good work.

AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAH! Ratmen are awesome. Albino-rats are true terror. >:3

Really cool that you try to make this game as modder-friendly as possible. I am really looking forward to work with the new tools and of course playing the game (though it’s a tie between both playing/modding atm).

Those mole beasts will die a fiery death… they look great though!

the dev team can rest assured that these monsters will die a fiery death:D and the amount of monsters and how they look, will not go unnoticed either

so bring them on, so we the players can send their butts back to the hells that spawned them

How can you all say this look good, are there no real professional critics here?
What is this crap? This looks really bad and crappy. Look at crappy models, and crappy ground texture. Also the crappy dark background. I want rainbow effects, and butterflies all around with ponies, and not this crap.
And when the hell will this crappy game be completed so i can crappy play it. Crap. :smiley:

I love these optimizing feats.
Do they work like other games where at a distance the model becomes low poly but when zoomed in the detail gets pumped up?

your next on the sacrifice alter, how dare you call the devs work crap :p:D

anyone else says anything bad about the graphics or game will be next!!!

that should keep the unbelievers at bay for the time being

The albinos one seems really nasty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those monsters look wicked awesome!

Good to hear about the modding part too.

Awwwwww they look so cute and cuddly

Keep it coming Crate! …Hope you havn’t been neglecting your work on that nice shiney Legendary Knights Armour of mine though :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaw-drop…that’s all I can say. =)

Those monsters seem to remind me of werewolves. They look bloody good too.
Keep up the good work guys, and thanks for the update.

Would I be right in saying that the modular stuff will also facilitate future development of the game in terms of creating new areas should you guys decide to move onto creating smaller content releases to expand the Grim Dawn world?

The game keeps on looking better. Also, thank you for this latest update. It is great to get a little news in on the side. It is great to read about the progress of this game.