Mouse light build?

I’m starting to have issues with my mouse wrist. Holding down the left key wears it down and causes pain more quickly.

What are some good builds that use the keyboard for most of their abilities? I guess im looking for that low button boring class.

My initial thought is pet class but which one? or would others be better?

You could look at Maya’s pet builds, they’re all pretty lazy.

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Thanks, Someone in discord mentioned using controller which is a great idea. What kind of builds work well with controller? Pets again?

Any build works pretty well with a controller as far as I know.

You can assign every skill to the keyboard I think.

My recommendation would be to go with a controller. It’s pretty relaxing and you don’t use wrists, like with kb&m. It’s more thumb and forefinger action.

But…it plays a bit differently and pathing can be an issue.

There are a number of “lazy builds” that use few keybindings which are good for this. You can also use a lot of bindings if you were into that sort of controller play via menu swaps.

Any build, really. But fine control of skills not directly highlighting an enemy is tricky. Kiting is very different = you need to turn and move in that direction, then turn again. And you need to be micromanage your path as GD has specific walkable areas ( the kb+m AI automatically calculates an unblocked path).

You visually have full immersion in the beautifully-designed GD world when you can rotate the camera with such fluidity. But it has some gameplay drawbacks.

Also, the latest QoL improvements in component management and item pickup have made controller life easier.