Move +1 to all skills from Shattered Guardian complete bonus to the amulet

Maybe it’s only my view but i don’t like how some sets force people to wear all the pieces. It reduces diversity in building. There are many examples where full set bonuses complete some particular speciality without giving much else and in my opinion that’s the best way to do sets.

The prime example of “all or nothing” is, sadly, guaranteed Shattered Guardian. A fantastic, build enabling set for many struggling concepts. The 4-piece bonus is enormous. I suggest to move +1 to all skills to the amulet and to distribute the amulet’s +all dmg bonus between other set pieces.

Arguments for it:

  • It makes all the set pieces worthy on their own, not only in a complete set. Currently the amulet by itself is worthless. Other pieces aren’t anything special either
  • It adds an item similar to Fettan Mask. This will greatly improve midgame experience for newer players. The complaint about the difficulty jump from MC to SR and Crucible is one of the most common: by the end of the Ultimate people usually don’t have items to make their builds ready for the next difficulty
  • It doesn’t buff any existing endgame builds offensively because better +1 to all skills items are already in the game
  • At the same time it provides a defensive alternative to Beronath amulets which are both offensive

err, while I agree that having better options for transitioning players between MC and the next difficulty of SR/Crucible, the history of the item was that the +1 to all skills and universal stats alone made the amulet better than most other amulets in the game, for almost every build that didn’t need another amulet already for ISM-s.

Which is exactly why the +1 to all skills was moved to the set bonus in the first place!

The amulet used to have the +1 to all skills, but the bonus was moved to the full set.

While I agree the stand-alone amulet is garbage in it’s current state, it invalidated most other choices in it’s previous iteration and I think the game is better off with the current state.


Well i wasn’t around at that time and i don’t feel bad about it. I look at how the things are now and for me it’s pretty obvious that the gigantic bonus on the full set is a bad idea. The amulet can be stripped off smth else to make it obviously worse than other options. But right now the amulet is worthless, and not completing the set doesn’t make any sense. Do you think it benefits the game?

Pretty much what Sobertooth said. The amulet originally had +1 to all skills and the set bonus was +1 to all skills. It got changed because the Shattered Realm amulet basically became Peerless Eye 2.0 - so many builds were using it for the powerful generic bonuses it provides that other amulets were completely ignored.

If you want a +1 to all skills amulet, Kaisen Eye exists and unlike the Shattered Realm amulet takes some effort to get for the powerful benefits it provides in one item.

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No. It doesn’t benefit the game. If anything, I’d move +1 skills to a partial set bonus, or maybe headgear.

If you want +1 all skill so much, why dont use Kaisan’s amulet? SR amulet isnt that bad even, and +1 all skills was removed from it cause it’d be too powerful.

You do realize SR amulet is less RNG than kaisan, don’t you?

Again, reduce the bonuses from the amulet further until it becomes suboptimal, what’s the problem? Why is everything black and white?

Because SR amulet is a guaranteed drop from the shard 30? Because it improves the midgame experience?

There are other amulets with +1 skills too, you know… Peerless eye, etc.
And RNG offers nice possibilities to get good resists and OA.

Isnt that too much for a “mid-game experience” item to have +1 all skills along with tons of other stats?

Why do i have to quote myself?
Yes it’s exactly a midgame experience. All the arguments are in the original post.

I’d argue then why you want to make such drastic changes to the amulet just so you have what would basically amount to what we already have in Peerless Eye or Kaisan’s Eye?

What is the difference between stripping the Shattered Realm amulet of a good chunk of it’s stats, giving it +1 to all skills and Kaisan’s Eye.

It was changed from the amulet to the last set bonus because literally no one was using the full set and only the amulet.

The change was specifically made so that the full set would be far more appealing and it worked given how much it’s used nowadays, specially for builds with no dedicated set. The devs will most likely never change this.


What? SR amulet is a guaranteed drop from shard 30. Beronath’s are random. Kaisan is… yeah.

Because currently the amulet is worthless and +1 all skills is easy way to make it good. I’m gonna stop repeating myself now, if you don’t mind.

Kaisan’s Eye is at least a guaranteed drop from killing him in Campaign.

The amulet is good, it’s just only good with the full Shattered Realm set which decidedly should all be used together to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Do you want the Shattered Realm Helmet, Shoulders or Armour to become worthwhile as standalone pieces next as well? If not, I don’t see why the amulet is so special :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to all and the circuit breaking proc is still huge. Of course, you can wear 3 pieces without a mask + some legendary helmet. But with proper stat distribution between the pieces it won’t make the full set undesirable. The mask is still very strong.

Maybe it was unhealthy state with the first iteration and it was changed for good reason. But right now is no better. All or nothing for a set is bad and that’s the bottom line. If you don’t agree with this, so be it.

It is an all or nothing set, that’s the point of the set. The fact that a npc sells it should have clued you on that (makes it extremely easy to get). The devs clearly want players to use the full set and not just specific parts like people were doing with the amulet.

This criticism can literally be applied to several dedicated sets in the game. They are like this because a lot of people like these types of sets. Also yes, Kaisan always drops his amulet, it’s not a random chance to drop. Only thing random are the affixes.


I don’t understand this point. Look at just about any Legendary set and you’ll see that the bulk of their best set bonuses are all concentrated in the final set bonus via wearing the full set. The only ones that you’ll get outside of those are the individual item skill modifiers or global conversion.

The only sets that are generally exempt from this rule are the ones based around the masteries (Markovian, Ulzuin etc.) as they have +2 to their respective mastery at 4 pieces instead of 5

You can buy Blueprint: Empowered Essence of Beronath from Benevald in Blood Grove if you need all skills that badly.
And what’s the problem to grind Eldrich unfamy a bit and then kill Kaisan few times? He isnt that tough…