Move +1 to all skills from Shattered Guardian complete bonus to the amulet

Yes, some sets are restricting that way, similar to SR set, but not all of them. Justicar is prime example of the set used by many builds in different number of items. Vileblade is easily used without the weapons. Lots of sets have neat +120% to dmg for 2-piece bonus.

Shattered Guardian, as a guaranteed drop, is the “main” set of the game and the fact that it promotes uncreative “all or nothing” is bad.

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And who decided it’s the main set of the game exactly :stuck_out_tongue:. I could just as easily say Vanquisher is the main set and I’d be just as wrong as well.

The Shattered Realm set is meant to be a unique reward from completing the game mode up to a certain challenging point (SR 60 I think?). It’s an incentive to play Shattered Realm along with the top tier movement augments.

Anyway. I’ve made my piece and i don’t have anything else to add. I won’t benefit from this distribution, the whole argument is about improving midgame experience (which i passed long time ago) and providing more options for unoptimized concepts.

Also two small remarks. The fact that i didn’t know the amulet had +1 to all skills is pretty telling. And the fact that people are flocking against diversity in building is surprising.

Lacking in build diversity is the exact reason it was changed… almost every build that didn’t have an amulet as part of a different set was wearing it.

Everybody and their mom using the same amulet is not what i call diversity. This is what happened when the amulet had +1 to all skills.

Tuning the amulet now to have basically terrible stats to justify the +1 to all skills seems pointless to me. People are actually using the full set, like the devs wanted from the start.

Are you guys ok?

I responded specifically to that.

People are using the set. People are not using the amulet because it’s garbage. Tune the amulet (and other pieces) up without changing the whole set.

I explained why it’s not pointless. In the first post.

I asked this question earlier in the thread and I’ll ask again: Purely in terms of item stats - what is the difference between removing several of the Shattered Realm amulet’s stats + giving it +1 to all skills and a Kaisan Eye amulet.

On its own, it’s kind of of subpar. Combined with the full set is actually pretty damn good. Health, multiple res, 3% max all res, all damage and so on. And really, the criticism of the item being subpar can be applied to the other pieces. Same for pieces in other sets.

From a balancing standpoint it is. The amulet would have to be fine tuned to be able to have +1 to all skills, that would require at least one update to just go back to where are we now.

I also doubt midgame builds can do Ultimate SR 30 for the amulet. Ultimate SR 30 is far above anything in the main campaign.

Kaisan is random - farm for your affixes. SR ward will give guaranteed stats, it can maintain its slow utility and some res. Also the 3-piece bonus is there. The difference is kinda obvious.

It’s exactly the middle ground between MC difficulty and SR50+. 30 is stronger than final MC bosses but is far below 60.

Might help to state what stats you would strip down on the Shattered Realm amulet to compare here. I was under the assumption that it would trade the 3% maximum resistance and slow resistance for +1 to all skills.

Which if so, you literally just need to find a Kaisan Eye with a couple chunks of resistance at that point and you basically have the SR amulet in terms of stats. You can even get some of the SR set’s CC resists with Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye.

Where exactly did this assumption come from?

If that’s not enough, might wanna move +health to mask/set bonus. You’d get +1 to skills + utility amulet. Unique, defensive, doesn’t break anything.

Famous last words. I’m sure lot a of the broken stuff in the game in the past came with the mentality that it wasn’t gonna break anything.

And really, the issue here is not that the amulet would be broken or not: the issue is that people would go back to ignoring the full set and use the amulet in every build that has a set with no amulet.

People already told you the reason the +1 was removed and gave you good alternatives for that. Emp Eye of Beronath, Kaisan’s amulet, Peerless Eye… Why are you so obsessed with the SG amulet, anyway? Did it donate a kidney to you or what? Just let it go, pal.

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The maximum/slow resistance are currently the amulet’s most prominent/powerful stats. I would not trade the health or all damage for a significantly powerful stat like +1 to all skills - it has to lose something of significant importance to even consider it.

No on both suggestions. on 2 piece +1 all skills would be too strong given that you could get it on chest + shoulders + whatever helm and amulet fits your build. Same with 3 pc but to a lesser degree. On headgear it’ll probably become similar to what happened with original amulet and the old Clairvoyant Hat.

I’d rather have the set stay as it is.


And that goes for a lot of set items. It’s called a set ffs. Set items that are good on their own are rare and are often only used for skill bonuses, especially on shoulders.

If anything and the way i see it, set items alone being better than standalone items is bad balancing. It makes standalone items pointless if they are surprassed by items from sets.

SR amulet should not be better than Peerless Eye in any capacity, regardless of offense and defense.

-1 from me. SR set is very powerful and versatile one. It should have this limitation of having to assemble it fully in order to use it. Otherwise it have to be nerfed out of proportions.

Furthermore it used to have +1 skills. So lot of people stick it everywhere. Don’t want to see one item being BiS in so many builds.