Mr Zantai, I think it's time to remove/replace more terrify sources in the game - specifically on Uroboruuk Set

Uroboruuk set

Look at dem mods. 100% guaranteed terrify on Spectral Binding and then we have a proc that lasts longer. My experience is only cruci related where it causes a lot of problems on people running too far away that they don’t come back unless I run at them. I think we have already established that Terrify is shit and convinced you to change stuff like Flashbang. I would suggest replacing the Terrify on the set with Petrify tho instead of the Confuse you guys put into Flashbang. Just to keep up with the “fear theme” while not being too annoying (Also since Confuse is just Terrify but less intense).


Yup, terrify is outdated mechanic. Being present on skill it can be normal, since it’s used leveling and in campaign. But on end game build it doesn’t make much sense.

Yes pretty please… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

+1 from me


Also, find more terrify sources in the game to help Zantai know what to remove.

F…Fine… baka! image



+1 from me, it’s look like an artifact from past, and also hella annoying when you play with this set

Yes please, especially from the DG proc.

I say yes cause curently it’s utter shit but the best solution would be to fix it: monters must restore the aggro and move to the point where they got terrified until they meet the player.

I’m confused. I thought that cc was totally ineffective because endgame bosses are immune to it :thinking:

There is one terrify source you can’t remove from the game: the fear of your build getting nerfed. :scorv:


It makes trash scatter

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The Nerf is usually stun source. It’s intended as slow though.

Adding terrify to item/skill/devo is a Nerf enough.

Personally, like I say before, terrify should be remove from the game.

Confuse is similar to terrify, but at least it doesn’t make enemy run avoiding you. I will be happy if confuse effect is made less intense too.

Other CC are nice.

I still hate flashbang because of the confuse. I understand it’s thematic tho.

Make a poll do you like terrify. Don’t make it anonymous. So that we know whose house to burn at night.


You know where I like Terrify? On the skill Terrify, since it’s just an optional modifier to War Cry. (I’ve never actually used it on Wary Cry, I just like that that’s where it is.)

Agree, it probably makes playing the set pretty unpleasant experience.

Glad to see that no one disagrees.

Also, look at this video:

At the end of wave 151 the terrify proc affected the guys far away from me when they got hit by skellies. THEY WERE NOT EVEN TERRIFIED BY ME. THEY WERE AFRAID OF THEM CUTE LITTLE SKELETONS. Now in this particular run it’s not much of a deal since there wasn’t much space to run around (tho I did lose a few secs) but in places like campaign or SR, even in many other cruci runs. it’s gonna be a PITA chasing after them.

Sorry to rain on your parade :stuck_out_tongue:

This is probably an unpopular opinion (at least on this forum) but I don’t play Crucible and therefore don’t care about clear times, so I got a different perspective on the matter.

In campaign and SR, I never had the feeling that Terrify was annoying or gimped my performance. It helped spreading diseases and killing trash mobs off-screen, and since I like to play thematic builds it contributed much to immersion.

Well, at the end of the day I don’t mind some or even all of the remaining Terrify sources being replaced with Confuse, but to balance a game mechanic entirely around Crucible performance is too short-sighted imho.

I hope Crate keeps that in mind and finds a good way to keep Terrify in the game for us roleplayers, for example by adding a new rare affix that has like “x% chance on attack to terrify target for y seconds”, which can roll on items like MI off-hands or helmets. No one is forced to use them, everyone’s happy :slight_smile:

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