Multiplayer annoying flaws

Besides random game crash during single player and multiplayer, multiplayer has some more flaws.

Yeah, this game was meant to be single player, bla bla bla, we all know that.
Since there is a multiplayer feature, please, at least make it right, or do not make it at all. I really wouldn’t mind not having multiplayer feature.

Major flaws are:
1.) Person A starts a game. He restores a devotion shrine. Person B joins his game, Person B doesn’t have that shrine restored, Person B can’t receive devotion point, nor is he able to restore it on his own during the gameplay with Person A as a host. It says: game host has already restored this shrine. Solution: make Person B receive it instantly as he joins Person’s A game and prevent Person B from restoring the very same shrine again in his single player or when he is an online host, or receiving that shrine bonus by joining another person’s game after recieved bonus from Person A, or make devotion shrines instanced.

2.) Person A starts a game. He finds a lore book, and activates it. Person B joins his game, he hasn’t yet read that lore book, he doesn’t receive exp bonus, nor is he able to find that lore book and activate exp. Solution: make Person B receive exp bonus instantly while joining Person A’s game and make him unable to get that bonus by joining another person’s game, nor by reading that book again in his single player or online as being a host, or make lore books instanced.

3.) Person A and Peron B play together. Person A finds lore book, and activates it, but Person B is not in his vicinity, Person B doesn’t get the exp bonus, even though the Person B hasn’t read it. Solution: make that bonus affect them on the entire map, or make lore books instanced.

4.) Person A and Person B are playing together. Person A slays a boss monster, but Person B is not in his vicinity, Person B doesn’t get the exp bonus when instanced loot option turned on. Solution: make it affect all players around the entire map.

May not seem like much at first glance, but these things make players feel disconnected from each other. It feels like a single player game with serious bugs that need to be fixed.

1.) This would make lower level characters join a game, just to grab the devotion shrines, causing game hopping. What is way more annoying than trying to get your buddy not to activate the devotion shrine without you.

2.) Same goes for lore books.

3.) Lore book instanced sounds okay, but just share the exp would cause afk people to sit in your town, you would have to actively kick them and would also cause game hopping.

4.) Would cause afk people to join your game, as stated before, and if you are not in the vicinity you shouldn’t receive exp. It’s an ARPG. Your character wasn’t in the battle or at least not with the group when the boss died, thus your character did not experience the boss dying. No experience for him.

I would mind, I love multiplayer!

The game encourages co-operative play, i.e. playing together, which I think is a good thing. As Wadsworth has pointed out, the changes you suggest would encourage game hoping, rather than true co-op multiplayer, and would spoil the story experience. The game is more about the story than “single player” IMO.

As it is it works well, it’s different from other games, but it works. I rarely play through the game on my own these days…if I’m playing solo I’ll do some farming runs on a lvl 85. But I play co-op regularly with a friend and we only play through the campaign. The problems you mention are easily solvable by:

  • Sticking together and not running off soloing content (or at least bosses)
  • If someone has played on ahead single player, then the person who is behind hosts the server that session

Co-op is the key word really. All it takes is a bit of communication.

Co-op is the key word really. All it takes is a bit of communication.

What I do is start from scratch with a friend and just stick with that one til we finish the game/get bored. I normally just play SP though. But yea, coop is all about actually cooperating with your buddy. Imagine that.

If you join a game, you do not retroactively get rewarded for things the host did before you joined. This makes perfect sense and takes care of 1 and 2.

If you are not near the other players, you do not take part in the actions and therefore also do not get part of the spoils, that also makes sense.
The one time this could be annoying is when you actually do play together and you just portaled to town to sell stuff. In any other case you do not deserve to get anything.

In this one case the other player should simply wait with reading the book / activating the shrine / … this is in the party’s control.

You not getting rewarded for simply being in the same game as someone else who actually does that stuff by himself also makes sense, so 3 and 4 are fine too, but require a bit of coordination from the party - but if you are a party rather than two solo players in one game, this should not be hard…

Not all of us have friends who play this game. And those I met online are not available as soon as I wish for it. Yesterday I had a case where I started brand new game with guy A, and then I’ve noticed guy B is online at Gog Galaxy. I’ve messaged guy B to join us, but he was already playing. He said after clearing out one dungeon he’ll join us, which he did. But by that time two of us were level 6, he was level 1. He couldn’t get lore books, since I’ve picked 'em up, nor did he receive experience from the books I’ve read when he joined the party, because he was still at the Devil’s Crossing while I was outside. And with every other guy I meet I need brand new character so we can get all lore and all devotion points together. Every new person I meet each time new character. Fun, huh?

There are programs in this forum which allow you to boost your character up to level 85 in no time, and you can start the game with him on any difficulty you wish. I don’t see the problem of giving exp and devotion to people who joined, but didn’t receive them at all, because sooner or later they will get them. If somebody would join just to get exp and devotion boost, let him spoil his fun. He can spoil it with those programs as well.

Keep in mind that level 1 character can’t join level 85 characters on Veteran difficulty.

In other words, I made a suggestion on how to solve these really annoying issues, so the developers pick easier way out. And I really mean these are issues to be treated. The best way would be making lore books and devotion shrine instanced. Here’s why:

I finally see co-op game without password. Dude level 28 is playing. I have character level 20. I join him, he is already ahead of me in both attributes, level, skills and devotions. I can’t get those devotions nor lore books for my character, and I am underpowered a lot because of that. The only thing remains is: “Hey, wanna start a brand new character together?” Very fun way to play this game’s multiplayer indeed.

Have you ever heard of teleporting to sell junk? I guess not, that’s why you wrote this.

I don’t either, so what? There are these things called “forums” where you can meet new people with similar interests and arrange play dates. Cool, huh? As if that wasn’t enough, we even have a chat server on discord designed for that very purpose. Amazing.

Good for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love multiplayer games, and that is why I’d like to see these issues fixed. That really prevents me from enjoying it more than I do, and in this current state I don’t much. I was so eager to find people to play with, and when I finally did, these things happened, and took away big slice of fun cake.

he can always get them when he hosts or in SP

And with every other guy I meet I need brand new character so we can get all lore and all devotion points together. Every new person I meet each time new character. Fun, huh?

no, just nonsense

have you ever read what you reply to ?

I am listing this as the one exception, it literally is the very next sentence in the post you quote. Talk about quoting out of context…

Yes, that is the one time where it becomes a minor inconvenience because it requires a minimum of cooperation so the other guy does not pick up a lore book / activate a shrine before you are back.

Changing the logic so you get rewarded for what anyone does anywhere in the game world is not the solution though, it allows for all kinds of exploits. If you play coop, then cooperate, problem solved.

Topic is related to the multiplayer experience.

Sums up your replies.

yes, and as I point out it is barely affected by it and works fine when you cooperate.

It also costs only a few minutes to catch up on the stuff you may have missed if somehow your party cannot be bothered to behave like one

Sums up your replies.

just further proof that you do not read the posts you reply to

I had two sentences in that post, the other explained why your claim is nonsense…


I’ll be your buddy. :smiley:

Not trying to make you feel like you are being ganged up on but on first reading your “major flaws” my first thoughts were that they honestly ranged from slightly ridiculous to totally ridiculous.

Every one of them revolves around the concept of rewarding players retroactively that hop into a game late and/or randomly or for being afk or off somewhere else unrelated.

The “afk” boss xp and retroactive rewarding of shrines is especially ludicrous and makes just about zero sense to me.

All your flaws really don’t look like flaws to me. MP has flaws for sure but the ones you listed would have never made any list I would come up with.

If somebody is willing to take notes in his notebook or phone on which lore books he missed, and shrines he didn’t restore because of current multiplayer flaws, well, that’s his life, not mine.

And lore books do grant significant experience boost in multiplayer to be just committed that easily. Going back to single player because of this multiplayer flaw? Just no…

Also, keep in mind that there are people with different exploration approach, and they won’t follow you everywhere at any time. That is normal, we are humans after all, not robots. I see you guys like bossing people online.

Your perspective is upside-down, and just a plain product of fiction. Based on my experience, facts: Person A goes to sell junk, and informs Person B about it, but Person B is too eager to fight the mini boss monster, and kills him. Person A doesn’t get the experience boost.

Based on my experience, fact: Person A dies during the mini boss fight, Person B slays him, Person A is still at Devil’s Crossing on his way to portal, Person B slays the mini boss, Person A doesn’t receive the experience boost.

It’s your fiction vs my experience and facts.

I think you have either A) a reading comprehension problem, or B) a language barrier issue. I wrote one sentence, that you quoted, making a statement that the afk boss mechanic you want and the retroactive shrine “cheat” were ludicrous. Nothing to do with fiction of any type. A statement. Pretty simple.

Your “experience” in no way sways or impacts my view of your proposals. If Person B dies then I guess he better get his ass moving back to the crime scene ASAP. The situation in no way warrants also rewarding afk players as well, which is exactly what your proposal will do.

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