[Multiplayer] Request to muffle sound effects of other players - v1.1.9.3

I have been playing [Mod] Reign of Terror with friends. Although it is a mod, I think my friend’s feedback applies to GD in general. His complaint is that the sound of my Sorceress’s Ice Bolts totally drowns all other combat sounds, when I am near him.

His suggestion is to muffle sound effects of other players.

My suggestion would be to align the volume of sound effects across the board. Or maybe do both.

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Maybe something to bring up with the ROT devs, each sound has it’s own volume setting, the ice bolt might be set too high or maybe the other sounds too low.

Unless it’s one of those weird cases where a skill makes a sound every time it passes through enemies or something and then it just gets really loud (remember in TQ killing a ton of Satyrs at once…something like that)

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I just did a test - should have done that before, but was too lazy. ROT’s Ice Bolt is much louder than my other skills and also louder than (Greater) Ice Spike (Chilled Steel / Deathchill Bolts).

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