My list of needed Damage conversions + tangential suggestions

Damage conversions (edited to include x1x1x1x2’s feedback)
Pierce --> Acid

Vitality, aether, fire --> pierce

Vitality --> Acid which isn’t limited to deathguard blades

Aether --> Acid

Elemental --> acid/vitality which is not restricted to greens, radaggan helm, and decree of malmouth. Because the inquisitor is the only class capable of efficiently using this damage conversion.

Physical, vitality, and aether --> Chaos

Literally anything (especially aether) --> Lightning

Tangential suggestions

  1. Remove -X% chaos RR from death sentence. Add it to nullification.

  2. Change % attack speed on solael’s witchblade to %total speed.

  3. Make DEE spam a thing again by: (i) Adding +% crit damage to terrifying gaze, (ii) Buff bloodburst (+1% WD for each ultimate levels), (iii) Change 33% chance to pass through enemies on Dreeg set to +20% WD.

All good suggestions, Spanks. I am guessing they are adding some of those conversions in FG.

One thing I am not sure of is total speed on Solael’s Witchfire. It’s a pretty strong skill already for its level. Maybe add casting speed to Second Rite tho.

But removing Chaos RR from Death Sentence? Do you want already weak Inquisitor mastery to become completely useless??

But removing Chaos RR from Death Sentence? Do you want already weak Inquisitor mastery to become completely useless??

We need to be careful with the sarcasm; the last thing needed is for Crate to misinterpret this and… :eek:

I agree with everything except pierce>aether and bleed>anything. No to pierce>aether cause aether conversion is already the most supported conversion in the game. We don’t want inq to be much stronger than it is right now. Yeah it’s almost certain that it gets the hammer but I’d want aether inq to be a minor niche that you want secondary to binder/bmage/dk rather than a 3rd build almost on par with elemental/pierce.

Bleed>anything cause Crate stated it won’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

My tainted Ignaffar deceiver looks askance at thee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nullification can’t have stackable -x% rr since it has no duration of it’s own.

Not like nullification’s in need of a buff like it wouldn’t be one of the strongest skills in the game. O.o

That would be much more of a buff to 2h phys. FW Witchblades and vit. PB Witch Hunters than anything else i could imagine and they definetly don’t need a buff :).

Nullification has a %elemental damage reduction component lasting 12-16 seconds. I don’t think adding chaos RR to nullfication will be broken as the only class which would really benefit from it would be:
i. Warlock (which needs a buff anyway)
ii. Chaos BWC sorc (which seems really interesting to me)

That would be much more of a buff to 2h phys. FW Witchblades and vit. PB Witch Hunters than anything else i could imagine and they definetly don’t need a buff .

^Fair enough. Maybe add cast speed to chaos-based weapons then?

EDIT: What about changing attack speed to total speed of a much lower value? Say 15% at 22/12?

I dunno man, having chaos RR on death sentence literally doesn’t make sense. Lore-wise, I don’t understand WHY the inquisitor would even have chaos RR.

The dr debuff has a duration, not nullification itself. It can only apply non-stackable RR.

Stackable stuff are properties of debuff spells/procs with own duration.

Non-stackable stuff are debuffs on their own with a duration of their own, and can be applied by pretty much anything. For example the RR from Acid Spray (Manticore) and the RR from Agonizing Flames (BWC) are technically the same debuff (albeit with different properties, like exact value, duration, etc), thats why they don’t stack.

It has tainted flame and the ignaffar relic, it’s actually the aether part that makes no sense.

Not to mention legendaries like Pagar’s Betrayal sword and other inquisitor items that are chaos based. Inquisitors that betray the Luminari principles and use aether and chaos seems to be a thing in the lore of the world.

But those guys are outliers. Anomalies.

I just can’t see the luminari teaching its members the techniques used by those who betrayed the school/organization/whatever.

Makes more sense to me for %chaos RR to come from item based skill modifiers as these were artifacts used by the aforementioned traitors.

EDIT: the %aether RR makes sense to me because mage hunters were a special branch of the luminari. I can totally see arcanists and inquisitors working together to develop %aether RR.

I don’t really like seeing Aether or Chaos being converted into something else and especially not pierce or mundane shit like that.
They’re the two elements not originating from Cairn, the ones that do irreversible damage to living things so it feels weird being able to convert them back into generic elements.

I know some items already do that.

This. Aether RR should be on arcanist, for “making sense theme wise” But then you would make spellbinders even more powerful. balance, balance, balance!

Not just that. Arcanist doesn’t have any skill that can accomodate stackable RR programming-wise, except OFF and we all know how OP its fire RR is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d really like a fire converted to lightning option for Mortar Trap (especially on a slot not occupied by the Light’s Defender set)

You can easily be playing as a rogue Inquisitor that taught himself or was taught by someone else to have chaos instead of fire in his Flames of Ignaffar. You can be taught many things, what you do with it is up to you.

I don’t think aether RR should go on the arcanist. It’d make battlemages and binders way too strong. What about adding -% chaos RR to the base skill of callidors? Will the coding allow for that?

It seems unlikely since inferno codes for flat phys RR…but who knows

Nope. -% RR is not possible on Callidor’s, as Callidor’s is not a debuff.

Welp. I’m out of ideas then.