My Ugdenbloom / TT farming route summed up in 1 pic

Since some people have asked about where to farm Ugdenblooms, I made a map of the route I’m using.
In this run I only target the tree type enemies that have a chance to drop them (especially the Hero ones do). Most other monsters are skipped except other star enemies.
Next, there are 2 Rotting Stumps in this run that have a chance to drop 1 or 2 Ugdenblooms.
I tend to get at least one per run and it takes 3-4 mins per run, so you can do the math.

The run also passes by 3 different spawn locations for a Treasure Trove so you have a very good chance of running into one.
This is a good way of getting the new Blueprints or just Legendary items in general.

I rounded it up by visiting some areas I know 2 purple bosses spawn for extra loot. You need to have the quest The Feast for Handarroth to spawn though.
Lastly, it also passes by 3 spawn locations of the Beast Nemesis, I skip him though since my char is still too weak to handle him.

Map below and a video for those visually inclined.
Ignore the weak char, I’m not nearly done farming yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


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You’re doing God’s work son.

Sorry, can’t take this advice to heart because of your WEAK character.


Thanks for this. I will use it and fill my stash with flowers.

Doesn’t Nemesis chase forever though? Do you just keep grabbing flowers with the beast chasing you?

Yeah they keep chasing you.
1 of the 3 spots is out of the way so you can skip it if you’re not feeling confident. For the other 2 you can either walk around him or keep some distance so he doesn’t get aggroed.

Also, if you don’t see the TT in any of the 3 listed spots, you can go in the cellar near the Shrine and it’ll most likely be in the far SW corner.

Oh, and the drop rate for Ugdenblooms for non-star trees is really bad, probably worse than 1 in 100. I actually don’t recall seeing any for hours, so if you’re going for efficiency you might as well go for star enemies only.

hey op, any new picts with more farming areas from the expansion? maybe the swamp


That’s a great job, gonna try it today.

This os pure gold!


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Nope, I just ran this route for the blooms and the TT which was enough for me.
I also did a short run from the Coven to Janaxia for her MI dagger and 1 stump along the way but gave that up since it’s too hard to get rare affixes on them currently.

Other than that I just run the old Cronley/Twin Falls/Voldrak/Crucible and recently SoT.

First off - thanks man this is awesome and I used it to farm up my 2 seals of might (12 ugdenblooms per)

I just did 40 runs using this route and thought I should share my findings:

Wendigo Spirits:
Total found: 9
Found/run: 0.23

Total found: 56
Found/run: 1.4

Total found: 7
Found/run: 0.18

Total found: 58
Found/run: 1.45

Some interesting notes:

  1. I wish there weren’t so many spawn points for the Kupa - god damn that guy is video game aids, especially for a summoner. I didn’t fully finish three runs cuz that asshole was chasing me and I decided to exit and move to the next one.
  2. Only place I found blooms from were golem bosses and stumps. 10 blooms from stumps, 15 from golem bosses.
  3. Each run took 4-5 minutes, but if you wanted to skip to just golem bosses/stumps for pure bloom farming, could probably cut that into 2 minutes, with 1.25 per run, that’s nearly 39 blooms an hour.

Hope this is helpful - thanks a lot for the route, helping me farm these bad boys up!

Awesome! Thank you so much. You’re really doing God’s work (as someone mentioned above)

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This is quite old, nowadays you’re better off farming Ancient Grove / Ugdenbog and just killing things, since many different enemies can drop the blooms directly and more often now.

At least nothing has beaten this as the best trove run, though.

Do troves even have anything good in them anymore? I pop them if I stumble upon one because I have tons of dynamite to spare, but I don’t think I’ve gotten anything of value from one in months.

I’ve never gotten a legendary out of them and only one blueprint ever and I have 621 hours in Grim Dawn. As for me, they suck hard, but for others it’s even the best source of blueprints or other stuff.

Hight chance to get a purple crafting material, some components AND a shitload of iron bits. All this for one dynamite.

I think they have a fair chance to drop blueprints, but if you got most prints, that chance of course isn´t very high anymore.

So yeah, what´s not to like?

They can drop legs, but that is rare. Legend has it, that once, a long time ago, they had a guaranteed legendary drop chance, albeit briefly. But the GD community didn´t like that for some reason, and released a major shitstorm. Ah, good times. :eek:

I’ve had decent luck with running into purples from troves, but the real meat is rare crafting materials. Since my farming route always involves four hills, I’m never short of dynamite. Besides, along with two troves, you get a guaranteed Wendigo boss, Avris, possibly Packla, some Ugdenblooms, Avris, and a solid amount of Ugdenblooms. It’s considerably quicker for farming things like Wendigo spirits than roaming throughout the game world.

I have an entire bank tab full of components and at least a hundred of every purple crafting mat. All of my characters are at least millionaires regarding iron bits. Literally the only thing I need are blueprints I don’t have and legendaries for sets I don’t have (e.g. I haven’t even seen a piece of the newest sets).

So yeah, the thing “not to like” is that they aren’t any better than any other damn chest in the game but require consumables to open. They should at least have a guaranteed blueprint I don’t have in them.

Concerning Treasure troves, I find them quite useful when I was “new” (sub 100 hours in the game) but now with about 500hours, I dont waste time looking for them.

Ah, but don’t you want to blow 25 million bits getting those elusive Ancient Stoneplates of Kings? Or spend all your components on gambling at the legendary smith?

Ive gotten like 1 or 2 blueprints and maybe 4-5 legendaries the out of them in almost 850 hours played. Dont know how many troves I have opened, but sure it were a few hundred by now.

Blowing it open when you stumble upon one, sure. Theyre always worth 1 dynamite at least, but farming for them? Lolnope. Hunting nemeses or doing the roguelikes is infinitely more rewarding in terms of loot/time spent.