Mysterious uptick in sales since Nov 2nd...

A Wild Medierra appears

Honestly, I don’t think less of Crate or anything like that for pursuing a different project, it’s just extremely unlikely that I play it since I more or less only play arpgs. I’m not sure if other people feel this way, but It feels like crate isn’t making a game for their current playerbase, but rather that they’re targeting a new audience. However, we won’t know for sure until we know more about their town builder game.

I’d rather a new game than a forced sequal tbh. Imo, expansions can keep Grim Dawn alive for a long time, especially since they aren’t hosting servers that need continuous maintenance. Additionally making a sequal with the original is thriving splits the player/customer base. At that point creating new content for both games takes twice as long, for less gains.

At least with a new game, they can cut their losses if it isn’t successful. Where cutting development on the original to force the sequal would be a disaster. I’m a little curious on how power creep will be handled later down the line.

By the time a GD2 sees the light of day nearly all of GD’s “existing” userbase will be more than ready for GD2 as most players will have long since taken to tinkering with mods for the game to sustain interest, or moved on. Worry about “splitting the playerbase” at this juncture is inconsequential.

The subject of further expansions is effectively ruled out as Zantai has been fairly clear the possibilities of it are crazy low EVEN if FG does well. Which tells me Crate overall is not keen about forcing another expac upon the game even if FG blew the roof off. They are looking to wash their hands of it (mostly) and go on to new things. That’s the impression I have.

While I do have a heavy slant for “diablo” games it isn’t my only interest. I like 4x and city-builder style games, sh’mups, pinball games (PBFX2 & 3) as well as a miscellaneous mish-mash of anything could potentially interest me. No need to completely cordon yourself off from other game types. I’m more than interested to see what they intend to bring to the table.

What were the sales for December?

I bought 3 copies around the 22nd since it was 60% off.

Feeling that there should be agents, especially in China, there are many players, lack of recommendation!

The game is sold online only so no need for agents. You have a choice of buying via Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle or direct from the website here.

Spread the word.

Last stream Zantai shared that only the GD Base Game has so far sold ~2 million copies! He also said AoM was picked up at 24% rate vs base game - meaning a total of 2,5 mil units sold across the GD brand to date!!!

That is like 12 times more vs their initial expectations!

Marvelous and we only need to have FG sell 300k units to guarantee XP3!!

Wouldn’t count on that.

“Just in terms of the story to be perfectly honest I feel like to do the story justice at this point we need to do something much bigger than an expansion. And there’s all this stuff, those of you who are paying attention to the dialogue will know Ulgrim and the Emperor, there’s something going on there, the Emperor’s son, those are all big stories that would really need a lot of dedication to do them justice. And how far you get from the capital would just seem insufficient.”

If wonder out of these 2 million units, how many of them were on 50%, or more, sale.

Great time to pick up GD.

I don’t think the uptick in sales today will be mysterious…

hopfully sales have met their expectation cause hype died down a bit? Forgotten Sales! :cry:

Well I am one who just randomly decided to buy the game. Was dead tired of D3 and PoE and Titan Quest so wanted to try something new. Wolcen is too unfinished at the moment and Grim Dawn had good reviews. My wife and I both bought and contributed to your uptick. :smiley:

the game has been offered free to play for a few days. Hopefully this translates to another uptick. We need moar monies to fuel future content!

Buy more GD and all DLC copies then. :smiley:

look at the amount of log-in guests… they will do the buying! :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully we break the forum record too

You do realise a fair amount of those are bots, yes? :smiley:

See, el_Critico? Even Medea wants a copy of GD. You should become a Santa for this year. :stuck_out_tongue: