Myth Vortex of Souls +2 shaman skills request

Quick and dirty request. This weapon saw use in vanilla primarily with primal strike thanks to the pass through mod. Haven’t seen many builds around it lately but all of @Duchy’s PS builds got my wondering how it’d perform now with modern conversion tools.

Decently performing Lightning PS (SR65-66 no death stable):
Silly cold version (can do SR65-66 under right conditions, not especially well):

Currently the only non-global conversion/non-weapon mod supported aether ranged skills are both shaman as savagery and primal strike have conduits. Lightning and cold conversion are supported by shaman as well. Sooooo…please add +2 shaman skills to this weapon and let its heart sing (also I wouldn’t complain about more attack speed because it’s a slow piggie)

edit: forgot cadence had a aether conduit but that’s not going to see the light of day

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I have never played with it. But I am not against it having +2 to shaman.
Builds look interesting. But you have low DA and lifesteal on those builds for my taste. But I like to play it safe :slight_smile:

Definitely still being tweaked (lightning at least, cold is parked) but really just examples to get the concept across

You are very smooth using this weapon for cold and lightning PS build because of it pass-through and converting base damage in @Valinov style. I also tried cold PS Druid with this weapon, my results weren’t impressive.

I played with this weapon aether Apostate and results were decent. I don’t know that Z will add the Shaman support but can see why you make this claim.

Certainly would help Aether PS Ritualist.

damn does the pass through also work for PS? :open_mouth: sounds broken

It does! It’s similar to most passthrough firestrike builds. Delete button for groups, damage slows down considerably on single target

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@Valinov made a very good build with it. But it needs some help.

Anything that helps the rave party that is Aether PS is very welcome

I recently made a Bonemonger Apostate with this weapon. The pass through mechanic makes it pretty good for crucible/SR. Sadly the character died at endgame but I cleared 50+ SR shards on HC with it. No more of the conversion rings to make a new one :frowning:

There isn’t a build simply because no one has posted one.

I do have to say I find the weapon very weird with its Spellbinder support. Does not appeal to me at all because lack of RR, attack speed and wps that inquisitor offers (+bonemonger set isn’t for Arcanist).

This is somewhat true. The only nuisance I encountered was Valdaran, but I didn’t make an optimal build that used revenant RR.

My biggest gripe is that it is not easy to make this weapon work well. I need 2 well-rolled bonemonger pieces for conversion, well-rolled magelord rings and ideally (but not essential) a good weapon roll too.

I think +1 to all for inquisitor would be nice QoL for Apostate at least.

Started looking at aether cadence options last night with this and ritualist or vindicator + bonemonger as well after @TomoDaK got my brain rolling. I’m actually leaning back towards my original idea which is just make it +2 all skills. It’s a generic single damage type weapon with no built in mods or conversion similar to silverbolt, so just let it support all the things.

Other fun stuff could be 100% pierce to aether conversion as that doesn’t currently exist (may cause issues on caster side?) and aforementioned attack speed increase to match the casting speed numbers.

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Yeah. 100% pass through is an awesome stat but the lack of conversion and no item skill/mod on the weapon are what hold it back. I can only comment on Apostate as being viable for endgame activities and enjoyable (after gearing woes are overcome) but not great. I imagine that the other mastery combo would be worse dps however.

Pierce to aether and aether to pierce conversions are missing. They should be added to the game.

+2 to all skills would be the best option

I did a solid bonemonger apostate with vortex using beronath shard… Also as fluff mentioned a pretty solid aether primal strike ritualist

Did you post your Vortex Bonemonger? I couldn’t see it. I’d like to take a look and compare, I struggled a bit with gearing and res.

I never posted it. I’ll see if I have the link around somewhere still after I get home tonight

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