Mythical Inashkor corrupted head?

Hi guys,one of the items I found recently for first time is awkward off hand

It has Chaos and internal trauma bonus,conversion from acid to physical and circuit breaker proc.All sound good,but on top of that +skills to two classes.Yet I never seen it before and wonder is it possible to create something with it?

Belzz looked at the chaos/acid version here: Belzz testing

Imho the other version that you linked (elemental/vit convert) is a waste = because Gladiator belt and spellscourge shield, +1-to-all offhands etc exist. The offhand requires significant spirit investment and really only gives regen/speed/cd as benefit.Proc has long cd. (and I suspect + to spectral wrath is probably there just because of name of proc)

Yeah, I’ve tried like a dozen builds with the 2 off-hands, trying to find something at least OK-ish. That was a failure. I might have missed something for sure but I couldn’t make t work properly.

Thanks,guys.So someone did try to make build with it.Physical Biting blades Sentinel for the win :slight_smile:

I have a death Knight that uses it. I haven’t had the time to test the concept, but it looked strong on paper