Mythical Turrion's Reprisal

This shield received some rdta to BWC in the last patch. So I’m thinking something like this could work:

Turrion fire/burn retaliator

It seems like it should be a fairly sturdy kiter. It packs rdta in every skill, but doesn’t really have a single target skill, though.

Anyone have a better idea for this shield?

Belzzzz posted a RATA Grenadier long ago here: [] G&B Grenadier (SR-75).

This is my current Elemental BWC Purifier: OA on it outside of Deadly Aim/Judicator ring proc could perhaps be better but it still performs fine.

I wonder how Belz managed with 26 energy regen and 10% absorb. Every skill uses at least 2x that. …

And yours, Baka, has only 30 and no absorb?..ahh your Healing rain boost. nm.

It does fine for energy between potions as top-ups. Healing Rain helps but isn’t enough, it’s more so there for the health regen.

It worked well at the time. For regen, 1 point in Harvestman constellation and presence of Virtue were enough. There have been a lot of changes since, I can’t tell how to build it right now.