Name 5 games you spent most time playing in your life

It is nearing my 1000th hour in GD so I decided to start this thread: WHAT ARE THE GAMES YOU SPENT MOST TIME ON IN YOUR LIFE?

Here’s mines:

  1. Final Fantasy 7
  2. Tekken 5
  3. Grim Dawn
  4. Ninja Gaiden
  5. Total War Warhammer 1&2 (if you count as one)
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven (counting all parts as one)
  7. Mass Effect Trilogy

edit: Did I say 5? I meant as many as you think are worthy of mentioning

01: SW:TOR
02: Path of Exile
03: Grim Dawn
04: FF 8
05: FF 7
05: FF 12

01: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
02: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne
03: Football Manager 2007
04: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum Edition
05: Age of Empires: Rise of Rome

  1. Grim Dawn
  2. Red Orchestra 2
  3. Left 4 Dead
  4. Rising Storm 2
  5. Killing Floor

I feel like Red Faction 1 should of reached 4th or 5th. Though since its pre steam I cant be sure.

Grim Dawn
Titan Quest
Civilization 3
Torchlight 2

  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee - 10k+ hours
  2. Titan Quest - ~3k hours
  3. Grim Dawn - ~2k hours
  4. Dota 2 - 1339 hours
  5. Warframe - 906 hours

This makes me wonder how many hours i’ve spent playing my bass in the last 16 years :eek: I play my bass more than i do video games for the most part.

  1. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Around 5k hours.
  2. Fallout 3. About 3-4k hours
  3. GD. 2200+ hours (as of now :smiley: )
  4. GTA Vice City. Around 2k hours
  5. Warcraft 3. Probably around 2k hours as well.

What am i doing with my life :stuck_out_tongue:

whuuuut…? you miss a zero there? :smiley:

1 - DII : Lord Of Destruction 2000 - 2007
2 - Unreal Tournament 3 2007 - 2010
3 - Quake Live 2010 - 2017
4 - Grim Dawn 2015 - 2018

Obviouslly even though I added the years I played these games it doesn’t mean I played these games non-stop within the time/years window.

5 - For the Fifth one I’m not quite sure… I guess I don’t have a clear defined 5th one. My top 4 are really games I played a lot. I dunno about the amount of time I played these games beside GD (over 5.5k hours)

1.Star Control 2
2.Diablo 2
4.Baldur’s Gate
5.Grim Dawn

1-League of Legends
2-Warcraft 3
3-Grim Dawn
4-Titan Quest
5-Dota 2

1.Warcraft 3: Custom maps like dota, footmen frenzy, pudge wars, tower defences, etc. This was my go to thing
2.Diablo 2: LOD
3.Titan Quest: IT
4.Counter Strike 1.6 and age of empires on LAN at gaming centers, could say the time before internet
5.Solitaire, the built in game

  1. Heroes of Might and Magic 2.
  2. Civilization 4
  3. TES: Morrowind
  4. Neverwinter Nights
  5. Grim Dawn
  1. Battlefield 3
  2. Grim Dawn
  3. Terraria
  4. Skyrim
  5. Starbound

Grim Dawn will take the 1st place in some time, though :slight_smile:

From steam:

Grim Dawn: 2544 hr
Dota2: 952 hr
Civilization 5: 805 hr
Skyrim: 592 hr
Torchlight 2: 470 hr

It’s difficult with pre-steam stuff. Like, 952 hrs in Dota2 is a joke compared to how much I played DotA1, and with other custom maps and the time I spent in the editor trying to learn mapmaking I think Warcraft 3 easily beats my Grim Dawn time. Grim Dawn had been my favourite game for 2.5 years, with some breaks, while WC3 had been my favourite game for like 5 years. So… 5k hours perhaps?
I was also fiddling with Heroes of Newerth for like 3 years, which I had also played almost dayly, so it should be close to GD, if not bigger.
Also, I was playing both the disk version of TQ and steam, so total time should easily surpass my Dota2 time too.

As for the pre-PC era I can’t even fathom how much I played Final Fantasy 9, Digimon World 2 and some other JRPG.

1.Quake 3
2.Diablo 2
3.Grim Dawn
4.Europa Universalis

not including the wasted million of hours to MMOrpgs :

  1. Sims 1
  2. Age of Empires 3
  3. Elder Scrolls 4
  4. Diablo 2
  5. Grim Yawn:rolleyes:

Can’t measure old games, was no steam then. I’ll make an old list and new one


Warcraft 2
Doom 2
Diablo 2
Quake 3 (and 1 really)



Honorable mention: Dungeon Siege 2

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Hard to place them in the correct order except Nr. 1. :smiley:

  1. DII + LoD
  2. Warcraft III + The Frozen Throne
  3. World of Warcraft
  4. Counterstrike (the mod :p)
  5. Minecraft, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, CoD Modern Warfare 1 and 2
  1. Diablo II (about 5-6k hours)
  2. Diablo III (about 2-2.5k hours)
  3. Age of Empires II (about 1.5-2k hours)
  4. NHL 98 on Playstation (no idea)
  5. Grim Dawn (about 0.6k hours)