Need ability to continue games in perpetuity

20 hours in and I think this is a great game, but there’s a constant fear looming over my head about running out of the finite resources on the map. In one game I’m approaching 200 villagers, and I’ve already mined out most of the stone nearby. I realize of course there’s all the rest of the map, but in particular iron and sand are both finite resources that will run out eventually. These are both essential to maintaining late game populations for heavy tools and glass, respectively.

I’m really enjoying the game, but it would sort of break my heart to work on a city, expand it out, explore the entire map, then run out of iron and sand and just say well that game’s trashed…

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This could be solved with a “deep mine” infinite system that unlocks at an upper tier, like tier 5 when they get the game to that level. I agree that it would suck putting a hundred hours in then hitting an impossible wall to continue.

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I agree that there should be a way to continue playing even when resources get exhausted.
Another idea is via trading them, which would be more realistic than finding infinite resources.
On the other hand I think that sand, stones and clay should never run out.
Dig a whole and there is a chance you will find stones and clay. Go to a river and collect all the sand that keeps getting washed ashore.

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