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First time player to grim dawn, loooong time ARPG player… Below is a link to my build.

So I need some help, and I am going to order them in terms of importance, to me.

  1. I’m really struggling with 15k life and capped resistances (minus stun which isn’t a problem. I am doing just ok DPS at 50k, but I did just hit 100 in Ultimate yesterday… Based on my stats and checking out other’s builds I feel like my stats are fine minus I don’t have 250k dps… So, do I go back to Elite and do SR / Cruicible or do I stay in Ultimate for better drops and do farm routes? Is there anything else in my build that needs to be fixed?

  2. In grim tools when I uploaded my character it seems I’m supposed to have five extra attribute points and eight extra skill points. Are they awarded through some end game means? I hit 100, I got all my devotions, I thought the only way to get attribute and skill points was via leveling. Given that grim tools thinks I should still have five attribute and eight skill points kind of made me go “huh”.

  3. There are bosses that just chew me up and spit me out. Nemesis bosses for instance require a lot of kitting… I built a paladin assuming he would be super tanky. I don’t care about long fights, in fact I love a really long fight… Problem is my paladin doesn’t feel tanky enough for a paladin… What’s normal in terms of tankiness? Are Paladin’s capable of face tanking without having to retreat or is that simply not this game? Ok if the answer is its not, I’m just trying to get a baseline of “how” I should be playing a paladin.

Lastly, I should probably add I steam rolled Ultimate mode until I hit the end of Ugdenbog. I beat the “Base Game” and started working my way through the expansion content. In Ultimate vs Elite and Normal I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. I am really looking for a sanity check that I’m focusing on the right things so I don’t waste time and get frustrated. Hoping you all can share some tribal knowledge you’ve learned over the years with me.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not that good a builder so I’ll leave dissecting your build to those more expert than me. There are many Paladin builds in the Compendium so you might want to have a look at them and see where you could make some improvements.

While L100 is the highest you can get there are quests in the game that give you extra skill/attribute points. You’ll find them listed here

For 2, grimtools has the checklist option. Under “important quests” you can see where to get those missing skill and attribute points, and which you’ve done already.

If you’re going EoR, you can always farm up a Kymon’s Sanctified Blade to tide you over until you get appropriate legendaries.

Welcome to the forum. Paladins are tough classes usually but depends on the build specifications. So about your char:

  • You have 3% physical resistance on of paper thin armor build. For melee build you are gonna be tear apart from any physical attacks.

  • Eye of Reckoning scales with attack speed, you have 121% GT, your goal is 170 - 180% .

  • You have 18% slow. Slow affects attack speed and life steal, need to boost that stat as well.

  • Not sure what Seal is doing at 3 points, you need either 12+ ranks or none.

  • OA is low, need to improve it.

  • You are missing movement rune.

  • Take augments with DA or OA. Cheapest option is Survivor’s Ingenuity from Devil’s Crossing, if you need energy sustain, Arcanum Dust. For weapons augments - Creed’s Cunning from Black Legion are simply better.

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So I read that physical resist a straight up stat is very rare… So I am stacking armor and life. I prioritized gear in the order of Life > Armor > Offensive stats > Resist upon first entering Ultimate, which it was fine. I replaced gear reprioritizing stat as Armor > Offensive Stats > Resist to balance out the gear. I don’t understand how you boost physical resist in this game, I guess thats my problem so how do I fix it?

Seal at 3 points is just there to give me dmg mitigation in fights I can stand still and applies Twin Fangs, that’s it.

Physical resistance is important stat, since it’s by far the most common damage type. Armor helps you soak smaller hits and physical res with big hard hitters. For example you can try fight these troll bosses in campaign and see how much damage they will deal to you or even hulk guys.

Physical resistance is on items, don’t you have Mythical Final March boots, or Valor pants or something like that?

For more info about what stats your build should have, check my guide:

I’m not much of a builder, but on a more general level Grim Dawn definitely tosses the usual CRPG class tropes out of the window. The GD ‘Paladin’ is not really designed as a tank (well, you can, but it wouldn’t be optimal for the class combo - it seems to work best as a caster). Most EOR builds seem to be a little bit kiting / glass cannon builds as opposed to face-tankers. Unless of course you’ve got an insane amount of rare items / MIs / Greens etc.

The tankiest class is probably Warlord, followed by Witchblade, Deathknight etc.

Warlord is the tankiest class for sure, you have the two classes that support shield. Paladin is perhaps the second most tankiest char, but you have to build it differently. You have Seal and Ascension, incredible sources of absorb damage.

Other very tanky class is Mage Hunter - flat absorb from Maiven and Mirror from Arcanist and damage reduction, Seal and heal from Inquisitor, perfect synegy. Also most vitality casters and some shield builds as you mentioned like DK or Witch Blade.

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Yeah, Paladin combination doesn’t mean exactly what you imagine, it is more like a caster variant, not tank boi.