Need Help Adding A Custom Craft Recipe

Okay, i’ve gotten as far as i can on my own. What i’m seeing on my screen just does not match up with what i’m seeing on the instructions found here:

Made it to step 2.2 “Adding the Recipe” and when i go into the crafting_table.dbr asset to change it, all the options are greyed out. Tutorial instructions say to click “New” but i cannot, as the button is greyed out. Please advise.

I just read that you were asking on the Discord, and went ahead to quickly create your mod.

You only wanted a recipe to turn one Aether Shard into several crystals, right? The mod gives you one, but the recipe is not a default one, instead it gets added to the players inventory on spawning in (once).

The recipe is only an example, change it as you wish or reuse it for new ones!

Ignore the first one, here the recipe is a default one instead. (14.3 KB)

EDIT: And if you want to play the main campaign (not Custom Game), use this file:

Shards to Crystals Blueprint

Backup the file you want to overwrite beforehand!

Hello and thank you for the reply. Can you walk me through the process of adding in this file? This is my first attempt at creating a recipe – the only other mod i’ve done is replacing sound effects, which is much easier and less complex. Oh, and i only ever play main campaign, i don’t play any custom games.

Do you mean how I created it or how you actually use the mod? If the latter is the case, just extract the second download to your installation directory (where the Grim Dawn.exe is, not into the folder “mods”), after backing up the file gdx2/database/GDX2.arz.

Normally when playing a mod you need to play it with a modded character under Custom Game (in the main menu). You can’t simply use existing non-modded characters without some additional work, so I added the second download, which basically replaces the actual database of the base game (that’s why you should do a backup of the file).

Hmmm, well there are many things about modding that i need to learn. What i want to do is modify my base game in the main campaign. There are no plans to make a separate campaign or anything of the sort. All i want is to add a crafting recipe to the game, and continue playing in single player the way i’ve been. Should this prove to be impossible, then i’ll just have to focus certain craft material farming runs more often.

Modding is easier than one would imagine!

To clarify this, when you create a very simple mod through the AssetManager, it is always going to be listed in Custom Game, although as long as you won’t create a new world for your mod, you are still going to play the normal Grim Dawn campaign you already know.

If you do not want to play in Custom Game (since you won’t be able to use existing characters without some work), you need to merge base files with your modded/new files.

But before you do this, you actually need to create the mod and test it in Custom Game. You can use the mod I uploaded (, not the other download) to see how I added the recipe.

I’m confused. The download called Shards to Crystals Blueprint does add one new default recipe to the blacksmith that lets you turn one Aether Shard into three Aether Crystals (that’s what you wanted?). It is already merged with the base game, so no need for Custom Game.

Seems i was the confused one. Thanks for the upload, i’ll just try it out instead of causing any further confusion.

EDIT: 7zip cannot open the file, even when running as admin. Can you upload the file without making it into a zip archive?

Sure, here you go: GDX2.arz

Put this file there: “Grim Dawn\gdx2\database\”. Please backup the existing file beforehand by renaming it.

Oh glorious day, it worked! Thank you so much, friend. Such enjoy, very appreciate, many grateful.