Need Help choosing 2nd class and Weapon type for Soldier

I started playing again after a few months break, my first character is an Aether Ray Sorcerer around Lv 90.
I just made a Soldier as my 2nd character, I’m going for a melee build (preferably with Physical dmg and no auto attack), but still can’t decide on the second class and weapon type.

I want to try a new class so no demolitionist or arcanist, also no inquisitor since I’m planning a ranged character later with it.

  1. I’m currently using Blade Arc as my main skill, what other non auto attack melee skills from other classes should i check out ?

  2. The only item i have that looks decent is a Gutsmasher, I’m not sure how good it is and if i should build around that or not.
    if i decide to build around it, is it better to go occultist for the +2 to all skills or Shaman for Savagery ?

  3. From what I’ve seen, if I’m going for dual wiled i should go Nightblade and if weapon + shield then Oathkeeper . is that correct ?

  4. Do i loose too much dmg if i go for shield instead of dual wiled or 2 handed ?

There’s a great witchblade (soldier+occultist) build with Gutsmasher that uses blade arc, I’d go for that if I were you.

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  1. Primal Strike (Shaman), Eye of Reckoning (Oathkeeper), Callidor’s Tempest (Arcanist) though it’s a melee spell, so doesn’t require targetting and scales with cast speed.

  2. [] The Big Bad: 5:45 Crucible Gladiator 150-170/SR 75-76 farmer no greens 2h-melee Physical/Bleeding Witchblade [c+][sr+][vid]

  3. Those are the easiest options, yes

  4. kinda yes, especially for Blade Arc, it’s way better as 2H.

Necro is insane for Blade Arc too, check [] Dead Metheny - Physical BA Deathknight [SR90] [5.00 Crucible] [Ravager, Avatar]