Need help with my Spellbinder

I am very new to the game. I am looking for advice. I don’t have all the loots for high end builds. I was following an old build guide but I think it’s outdated. I’m trying to find a way to farm for gear faster. Right now I feel a little squishy when fighting bosses.

Should I change some skills or devotions? Thank you!

Hello! Welcome to Grim Dawn. This game has a lot going for it, and I hope you look back in the relatively near future and go ‘holy shit how did I sink so much time into this already what am I doing with my life.’ :smile:
I’m not an expert! That said, let’s see if we can’t streamline what you have a bit.

Except…! it looks like things are all right. The reason you probably feel squishy with regard to bosses is because you’re a caster. While the bulk of things can generally be melted with either AAR, a lot of what’s going to happen with the story strongmen is a lot of running around, shaving off bits of their health, and generally avoiding being hit as much as possible. This is not a stand-your-ground sort of build, but one that emphasizes being able to kill the majority of things quickly. Things that don’t die immediately are going to require a lot of kiting and focusing on not having your face removed.

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Welcome to the forums!

I know I’m a little late to the party, but anyway…

  • One of the reasons why you may feel squishy is the fact that you don’t have any life leech to AAR (unless I overlooked something). AAR does 0 weapon damage on its own - it’s a spell. So you normally can’t life leech with it.
  • To fix this, get a Pulsing Shard. It drops from the Aetherial Amalgamation in the Rotten Croplands near Homestead. Drop chance is rather high, so no hassle. Any affixes will do for leveling. The important thing is the “6% damage converted to health to AAR”. Basically, this is the ultimate leveling offhand for any AAR build, since it allows you life leech wit AAR. You’ll feel a lot better with it. :smiley:
  • Devotions are somewhat suboptimal. Typhos and Raven for example are pet constellations rather. Same goes for Throne except for the first node. Even if you don’t have the gear yet and also haven’t reached level 100, you could use this build as guidance. It is a simple, but strong AAR spellbinder. Since there are no major damage conversions involved, the build will basically work with everything - just not as good as with the items in the GT.

Good luck and have fun vaporizing everything with that laser beam! :zap:

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Thank you so much!