Need help with Witch Hunter build please

I need feedback on the build. The build struggles with survivability. I feel like it should be able to at least do gladiator crucible 150 safely. Feel like it’s underperforming. Can’t seem to survive well even with converted wendigo’s mark. Don’t have access to all the high end augments yet. I think the main problem with witchhuners is that they’re innately squishy. Maybe some occultist support on deathguard set or stun resist or increased OA/DA on it would go a long way.

Am also thinking of just altogether ditching beroath’s fury, switching it to seal of blades, swap the arcane spark for another tainted heart and just go all in on shadow strike

Moved your post since it wasn’t on topic and why does your grimtools link go via Steam of all things.

Sorry, I have no idea why the link went through steam. Anyway. I recreated the build through grimtools.

Just thought deathguard set or witchhunter could get a buff in survivability.

I’m no expert, but I’d consider farming rep for the high-end augments before doing Gladiator Crucible 150.
Stun Res and OA/DA appear fine for Ultimate.

I hated using Beronath’s Fury and ABB on my witch hunter … trying to keep Lethal Assault active AND build up Fury charges was a pain. Ditching that for a passive Seal of Blades is worth a try.

I’m not sure what the Relic or the boots are doing for your build, or the augment on the Deathguard Blade. I’d look at those slots to see what would benefit Acid/poison damage better.