Need some Oathkeeper advice for a DoT caster Sentinel

I’ve been putting off making a Sentinel for long enough and I have more than enough gear to play with (I’m still looking for better boots), but this is what I’ve come up with so far: Sentinel, Level 94 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Updated the build with skills and devotions filled out but I’m still testing)

My main question at the moment would be which skill would accompany this build the best:

  1. Aegis of Menhir
  2. Vire’s Might
  3. Bloody Pox (from the vitality conversion on the scepter)

I’ve currently tossed this gear on a blank character and the damage is good enough to tear through Ultimate mobs (I even melted Fabius outside Devil’s Crossing in a few seconds), but the survivability doesn’t look good if someone closes the gap or if I get surrounded. Despite the years and ridiculous amount of hours I’ve played GD, I’ve never used the Oathkeeper class so I’m a bit confused as to which would be the best way to finish this off. I plan on playing a ranged DoT caster so I was leaning more towards Aegis or Pox because with the low DA and HP, I don’t foresee Vire being that useful for my survival. I could be completely wrong though so hopefully someone with more Oathkeeper experience can chime in here.

Feel free to offer tweaks to anything in this build.

DEE alone is enough if you build it right. I’ve done this character a while ago and recorded a couple clips but never got around to posting it as I kept changing a couple pieces of gear all the time.

Was using slightly different setup than what is in the GT link in those but that should give you an idea of what to expect.


  • You need Rumor devotion
  • Sentinel of the Three set pieces are worthless for full poison build imo
  • You can max out guardians and use pandemic weapon instead. Might be overall higher dps, but DEE will be much less effective
  • Poison aegis is good, but it’s too expensive to do it here. Best setup I know of is something along the lines of this [] Captain Dreeg - Voidsoul AoM poison DoT Sentinel [] [SR 80+] which is a completely different build.
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that’s sort of a (intense) “theme” build right?
like there is no real reason to not use a supplementary skill/wouldn’t it be “infinitely” better to ex simply adding in Acid Purge for extra dmg, heal and utilization where/when it’s safe enough to not kite :thinking:

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Yea this is basically the “Can I make DEE hit as hard as possible” build. Basically just trying to match grey knight + earthsplitter combo for forcewave. Works well enough for what it is.