Need Verification on Fabius

I am two pieces way from my BiS gear, and he still does one certain attack that one-shots me.

This is with a Blademaster with >13k life points, 98% armor rating, and maxed all resistances with pierce at 85% and overcapped. >23k dps

Fabius is broken.

the easiest to farm but whatever, hes a troll boss.

i have a decent Ultimate loot run which is as follows: Kill Gutworm, Kill Salazar, check for Valdaran (because i can literally faceroll him) at conflagration, check for Valdaran in Undergroud Jail, Run steps of torment (with skelly key) because i can kill Moose, run Bastion of Chaos w/o skelly key in hopes of finding Benn’Jhar (beacause i can literally faceroll him)…then ill reset. usually stopping along the way for elites and general large mob farming, because ive been treated with my fair share of RANDOM drops. if im feeling fancy ill run the BOC with the key because i can do that with confidence.

if i can face-tank Valdaran
and i can face-tank Benn’Jhar
and i can down Moosilauke with some decent technique
(All on Ultimate)
But i cant fight Fabius because of his life-leech and one shots.

I refuse to believe he is not a complete troll on all Grim Dawn players:
-Because Cronley is pleasure to farm to Nemesis (ending up rich in dynamite)
-and his scouting path is the easiest next to Immortal/Iron Maiden (but they are terrible to farm to Nemesis)

im just like wtf
:rolleyes: vent ssesh over, i may not be able to kill him, but Fabius is dead to me.

P.S. i can farm anything on elite with obvious exceptions (i.e. Modrogen) that is not the answer im looking for

Karroz? Don’t you mean Benn’Jahr? He’s the Chthonian Nemesis.

Fabius damage is too random for my taste. He can proc Belgonthian’s Shears which i assume he has it at max level and he wield random weapons (including the infamous Notched Bone of a Thousand Deaths). It’s like fighting an opposing human player.

I have killed him twice with my Warder, but i really don’t like too much RNG in boss fights. And i’m honestly curious about my Witchblade now, he can facetank the Mad Queen.

I haven’t ever been killed by Fabius, but if I had to guess what is killing you, it is probably his execution. With those stats though, I’m surprised he was able to “oneshot” you even with that attack. He’d have to spawn with an extremely strong weapons that could debuff your resistances, something with % damage to humans or hit you with an item proc such as from the Notched Bone of a Thousand Deaths to deal that kind of damage. Either way he is definitely not capable of oneshotting a character with those defenses on his own.

Wait, he can proc Execution too? Seriously now?

I’m someone who plays only HC, have ~2k hrs played and i avoid Fabius at all cost, the point being exactly that his dmg is random, and I have absolutely no reward waiting to compensate for that risk. It makes no sense. Low(ish) reward, high(ish) risk, no sense.

Yea i edited in BenJarr, i was really annoyed and in Haste, lol.

I didnt know there was so much RNG involved with Fabius, im just gonna leave him alone, lol.

and yea @Nine i would fight him some, take somehits, pop pnumatic burst, then take some more dmg, until i had to pot, and id use blade barrier to full health. then “oneshot”

like jawdropppingly oneshot

No problems with Fabius for me either.

Most recently 1H+Shield Witchblade. 10.5k health, 9k dps, bad gear. Takes 60-75s to kill him in a straight up facetank. No problems at all even if he spawns with the Notched. Rarely takes me below 80% health.

What’s your DA?

DA is 2,026

on Ulitmate: Fabius th eUnseen has a 92.3% chance to hit me, And a 2.6% chance to Crit me

i dont get it.

You don’t get what? That he nailed the 2,6%…? To me the problem is that his output is random, and the reward is not there to compansate for the risk.

This reminds me i haven’t had the pleasure of meeting that asshole on Ultimate. He did give me a hard time when my build was squishy on Elite though.

Definitely agree, his randomness is what bugs most players. Imo Iron Maiden is a lot easier than this guy.

No, what i dont get is that Wurtanen claims he can do it with “bad gear,” lol

that still leaves me perplexed.

I can’t recall the last time I died vs Fabius with my BM and I have 100 less DA and 3k less health than you :eek:

I can only imagine he spawned with notched bone which has a proc with 350% crit damage and he happened to crit you? Also is it so surprising Fabius has execution, he is a blademaster after all :smiley: He should be no problem for you like 99% of the time. Him rnging you with notched bone or spawning with perhaps razor of the blind assassin which can drop all resists by 30% are the only way he should kill you. Or some random green weapon that has reduced resists

Keep in mind Wurtanen has a shield bield, he is probably quite tanky :stuck_out_tongue: He also says it takes over a minute to kill him so no doubt his setup is not top tier. You can definitely beat him without top tier chars/gear you just need to take it slow and have enough survivability

As of right now im completely on par with Tormental, risk vs. reward is just not there for efficient farming.

But again, i just learned from you guys today how much RNG is involved with this prick, so im gonna keep trying and see if its his weapon spawns that are destroying me.

It’s a self-found character. Singularly the worst drops I’ve ever gotten. Literally everything was caster gear. I have 2 legendaries equiped. Agony and Peerless Eye. Full Myrmidon set, so I have +4 Soldier, +1 All. I also have 2500 effective DA and 1500 regen. Sill using Juggernaut for my relic. I did finally drop the Oleron’s Wrath formula but I don’t have Zeal so I can’t craft it. OW probably adds 3k dps when I finally get it.

It’s the most boring character to play in the history of the world. I don’t have enough damage to kill Mad Queen, Bourbons, Mogdrogen, or Anasteria. Other than that, facetank, hold down Cadence, and recast Overguard, BoD, War Cry, and Oleron’s Might when they come off cooldown. The only exception is occasionally I have to back off from Shar’Zul or when Overguard is on cool-down.

With the 20% damage debuff on Oleron’s might, plus the DA, plus the regen, Fabius doesn’t scratch me.

I would disagree. Is he the absolute best thing to farm? No but none of the nemesis guys are any more imo. He is pretty good though! Easy to find, can check a moosilake spawn near one of his spawns plus stop by spined cove if you need ectos, and Cronley’s Hideout is pretty good on its own. A close to fully geared blademaster should drop him like a fly too he doesn’t take long at all to kill when you do find him


How is any reward currently in place worth the risk of being one shot? I’m talking HC experience myself, why would i ever take that risk unless the reward is ridiculous?

I play HC as well and I’ve literally never been oneshot in 3.4k hours of play. I think you give Fabius far more credit than he deserves. He’s really not that difficult, especially when all of his strongest attacks are very easy to avoid.

Kappa crit :rolleyes:

I farmed fabius hundreds of times wtihout trouble untill one day his very first attack one hit me for 17k. If he spawns with notched bone and he even has a tiny chance to crit you then you can die one shot no matter your defence.

I had 2200 DA, 1800 armor with 100% absoption, 28% phys res, 14k hp and lots of block with 1500 regen. He still one shot me. Now I aim for 2300 DA at least on every char.

Holy Christ, 35k damage at once. And i thought the 7k the Mad Queen did to my Witchblade was ridiculous.