Nerf,Nerf and more nerf

I’ve done Blood Grove twice without single C.Seal drop.WTF.Latest update.This algorithm sucks.And where are the Nemesis? They are so rare. And don’t give me bad luck, it’s algorithm.

Yup. You got it. They nerfed Chthonic Seal drops. Just to piss you off actually. Cuz why not right?


This was posted in another thread on why Chthonic seal droprate was nerfed. I think it’s pretty convincing:

So in our mind Chthonic Blood Seal’s droprate should be nerfed. Here’re the reasons.

  1. It completely overshadows any crafting mat with Blood Grove runs. They are already in a bad spot due to the fact, that most mobs there are abysmal, the only exception being the boss and to a lesser extent the Kymon and Order people. Droprates for other mats should be improved along the board and Chthonic seals just hide the problem, rather than solve it.
  2. There’s a reason why tainted brain matter’s droprate is relatively low - to prevent classed like binder stacking max flat damage (because it’s from aetherials meaning aether meaning binder). Those classes been balanced around the fact, that they don’t have acces to such OP craftingats
  3. It’s virtually free. Because blood grove is so easy.
  4. It doesn’t help weak mobs in the grove (again with the exception of vthe boss). And again, mobs that are always exposed to dying need some love and they should die less.

Tomb of Korvaak in the Asterkarn Valley has always been one of the most recommended farming routes for Seals that I’ve seen as it is close to the rift and the first half has fairly clumped Bloodsworn groups/rooms. I think when I last farmed it, i was getting around 3-7 Seals per run in a couple minutes each (loading screen times withstanding). Something with high mobility and room-clearing AoE should go even faster.

A Nemesis will always spawn guaranteed every session in one of it’s spawn points. Provided you check all of it’s spawn points you will always find it. The exception being Grava who will never spawn until you have killed Ekket’Zul for the first time for a character due to the developers wanting your first campaign Boss Rylok encounter to be Ekket as opposed to Grava.

Different Nemeses have varying numbers of spawn points and areas they can spawn in, you can check grimtool’s world map to see where a Nemesis will spawn. Word of advice from me as well, try to get relatively close to these spots instead of glossing over as it seems the game calculates/decides to spawn them on approach - I have missed Nemesis spots before from not getting close enough and just glancing over them on my map.


is there any official statement regarding chthonic seal nerfs? I just ran bloodgrove and I got 4 of them.

Lol no I copied the RA thread and changed all RA references to seals.


That is why it sounded so familiar :sweat_smile:

Plot twist: OP was farming them on Normal with lvl 100 character.


Oh I did similar one time. I was gonna farm some crystals with my “material farmer”. And after not getting a single crystal in Krieg laboratory I was just about to rage quit and uninstalling the game “Damn Zantai drop rates are shit in this game” and then … realized I was in normal … :relaxed:

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Seals and blooms, specifically scripted to low drop rates! There are so many crafting materials but those two are used in 50% of recipes. :frowning:

Aether crystals weren’t 100% drop chance before? =)

But yeah, switching to Normal accidentaly can happen if you play Crucible with this char.

Superbosses, SR pushing and insane CR times… but the REAL end game in GD is farming blooms! The best endgame build is thus a VM build with as low cd as possible!

There is also chance for those ugly aether shards and aether clusters.

But the best hack is buying them from Hyram while checking out dope MIs

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And here I am sitting on 3k crystals and 2k Seals not knowing what to do with them XD Wish I could exchange them for blooms like you can with hearts, bloods, brains, etc.

I had like 7k searing ember. one stack of 1k sells for 40k iron bits. I sold them all, totally worth it

Problem with this fella is that he is a turkish player without english knowledge(or very little) and I believe there is no translation pack to turkish yet in GD. So he probably isn’t aware of the public knowledge we share with each other since there is also no seperate turkish community(that I’m aware anyway). I tried to help him by messaging on his previous outrages but he never replied, so just leave him be.


I just finished Ford of Korvaak, 1 seal. And this is building a character not farming.In farming things are worse.

You’re playing GD to much,get life.

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Yeah when you are farming algoritm lowers the drop chance!

You’re complaining too much, play more GD


I just completed 5 back-to-back runs to gather some quick and dirty anecdotal evidence and the returns on Seals I got were 5, 3, 4, 0, 4. So yes, while I did have 1 unlucky run towards the end, the rest fell within the area of what I remembered.

Are you farming on Ultimate? It has the best drop rates for crafting materials like the Seals.



Never has the drop rate of a crafting material gotten a nerf.

Also please kindly abstain from telling other members of the community to get a life.