Network Programmer Joins the Party

Thanks to the additional revenue from our Steam launch I’m pleased to say that we’ve been able to hire a very experienced network and gameplay programmer. This will accelerate the process of getting multiplayer out, fixing bugs and allow for the inclusion of other minor improvements and features. :smiley:

Going by the handle Westfaliah on the forums, our newest member is someone I first worked with in 1999 at Stainless Steel Studios on the RTS title Empire Earth and then later at Iron Lore where he came on to help with multiplayer. It is great to be working with him again and I hope you’ll join us in welcoming him to the team.

Thanks for the intro - glad to be here!

Great news!! Another programmer means the game will move forward that much quicker. :wink:

Welcome Westfaliah, look forward to seeing your work and congrats on the new job!!:smiley:

This is awesome; welcome to the Crate team! (and the forums, as well!) :smiley:

Party like it’s 1999? Haha.

Awesome news and welcome Westfaliah to the forums!

I hope everything goes well and that we’ll see multiplayer soon.

This is really crate news! All the best to you Westfaliah!

Wonderful news! :slight_smile:

Welcome Westfaliah!

All Hail Westfaliah! :smiley:
Welcome and thank you for helping to making Grim Dawn an awesome game!

I used to play Empire Earth, sweet game! Then my key got used by pirates and banned from multiplayer :undecided:
Welcome! :slight_smile:

Great news! Welcome!

welcome to the Crate team! :slight_smile:

I’m just happy another talented person has a job,that makes my day.

Welcome Westfaliah. Welcome Multiplayer.


Excellent news. Can’t wait to play this with my friend

Hey welcome to the best ARPG of the 21st century Westfaliah! I am really looking forward to multiplayer madness!

:smiley: Damnnnn!!!

That’s awesome great to have someone else with such a massive background, Empire Earth was an amazing game, we actually spent a year at Uni playing it most weekends, it was superior to AoE 2 in every way. Actually IMHO probably the 3rd best RTS made outside of RoN and Total Annihilation.

This is really exciting for me giggles :o

Welcome Westfaliah! Glad to have you aboard!

Welcome Westfaliah.