New and improved screens (already?!)

Check out the redux of the previously posted sunny road screenshot now with new rocks (for all your old rock haters) and improved anti-aliasing + anisotropic filtering. Rhis noticed the engine only supported 1x AA and no AF. With the latest update I have the game set to 8x AA and 16x AF. I’m not sure if this is the max or just the max that my graphics card supports, Rhis will have to clarify.

The second shows a bit of the dynamic weather system with some late day fog rolling in.

New gxf improvement is great!

Nice contrast daylight to afternoon foggy and rainy
thx. 4 update gfx effects.

Rocks are now really rock and badass!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, the new rocks are a lot better :slight_smile: Is the fog supposed to (at least appear to) be floating high? That looks somewhat more like smoke, to me anyway. Like there was a burning farmstead to the right.

Wow! This game is looking so good - can’t wait to try it out. Wonderful work.

The rocks are definitely an improvement over the TQ “tetris” rocks!

Keep those screenshots comming!

I’m really enjoying seeing the progress you guys are making…the difference between the first screenshot you guys ever posted and these two is impressive. To be honest it’s shaping up to be more than I expected initially. Congrats on the nice work…

With every screenshot you’re making it harder to wait for the actual game. Keep going, this looks really great!



Man this is pretty sweet looking. If your not drooling now… will you be?

OMG good work… looks like a killah, cant wait :smiley:
That fog really gives it a nice effect

I bet it’s still not enough for some people.:wink:

I’m loving it, this looks totally awesome. I absolutely LOVE that fog man, SO cool looking.

These screen shots are blowing me away! Amazing work, Crate! I cannot believe how amazing these graphics look. It says a lot that they look this good still screenshots. I bet they’ll look even more amazing in action. Thanks for all the hard work (you guys appear to be working your butts off) and I can’t wait to see more!

I haven’t seen Diablo 3 screenshot for ages. Just now I stumbled upon a sorceress screenshots. Wow I think. No wonder all those people are complaining. It’s really too comical for Diablo image. It’s look like cartoon, like Torchlight with much slim and slender monster. ;p

Compare this. Grim Dawn stone look so much better to my eyes.

I’ve said long time ago… GD is going to kill Diablo one day…Let the battle begin! Talent worth more than money.

P.S.: However a turtle is still missin’ to accomplish this quest. :stuck_out_tongue: (Coridan, agreed?)

No no… the game is great as it is… no turtles needed. I don’t even think they had turtles in the Victorian era.

P.S.: However a turtle is still missin’ to accomplish this quest. (Coridan, agreed?)

… Its the gas can that’s missing …

Anyway an infected zombie turtle maybe appear from the smoky swamps of Devil’s crossin…:wink:

There have always been turtles everywhere :mad:

Well, let’s put a mini-boss called Diablok/Bailed/Memphisto to satisfy your diablo slaughter. Well, I absolutely sure that dev here admire Diablo. It’s a real great game.

Nah they crashed here on an asteroid from Pluto in the late 1920’s. I’m pretty sure there was a movie about it.