New and improved screens (already?!)

Of course great! (Buy Must have both 4 everyone here)
The same genre and the original path.
However I consider GD is as an “improved diablo”. DIII. v2.0.

Mammuth Blizz Vs Indie small Crate.
Money Vs Talent :cool:

Who hasn’t heard of space turtles?!?!?

But they didn’t come on an asteroid…they floated here in deep space bubbles.

Silly me. I never was a history buff. Right you are.

Yeah some kind of ufo (extraterrestrial) turtle…:smiley:

That’s great enthusiasm and support spirit you have. I tend to watch at several angle, comparing at many point and being honest with myself. So, my word also usually changing abruptly, when the viewing angle is switched. ;p

That being said, I think all the forthcoming ARPG, which is Grim Dawn, Dungeon Siege 3 and Diablo 3, all have their own flavor. So I don’t think it is wise to compare when budget/work force/art direction are all different. I will enjoy all of it.

After all, I support Crate from the bottom of my heart and I will savor every minutes and every seconds of my Grim Dawn experience when I play it next year. Above all of this, I really want Crate to succeed, no matter what.

Omg wtf bbq

You honestly believe Blizzard doesn’t recruit talent? Or that somehow talent doesn’t enjoy money?


~Frag :cool:

Edit: To the above: poor turtle, nice inspiration :slight_smile:

I’d imagine Blizzard get’s it’s hands on some of the most talented people in the industry. Just my guess though lol.

Does it matter though? We already know Crate has talented people as well…do we need to pretend Blizzard has a bunch of monkeys sitting around slapping keyboards to appreciate what Crate is doing with Grim Dawn?

Looks nice and crisp

Barnacle Turtle!!!

Where’s the exterminator, when you need him?

… back on topic … great screenshots
Is there a nice (turtle-free) resort on Cairn, where I can spend my next holiday?
<edit> OP refers to </edit>

Woah, that explains a ton of my turtles behaviour!

Sir, I believe you may need to brush up on your fog facts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our weather system can actually produce both normal fog, which you see in the screenshot, and also “ground fog” that just creeps along the ground at a much lower height, which is perhaps what you’re envisioning.

@medierra or rhis,

What else can the weather system do? rain or snow?!

Facts aside, it’s about personal taste :slight_smile: I’ve always thought “proper” fog to appear more steady and hazy instead of lumpy and cloud-like, such as this;


The ground-level creeping fog is another thing and to me (again only me personally) more familiar from video games than reality, although i’ve seen it occur in real life as well albeit rarely. There’s one stretch of road around here that has that creepy low level fog every summer night. Eerie and awesome. You can even taste it.

edit; taking another look at it it’s probably the dark greyish tint that suggests smoke to me.

I really like what you guys are doing with this game, it has your style and you guys are making it interesting in your own way. The screenshot looks great, and I like that you’re using a lot of varied colors so far. I like how the player pops from the screen and looks illuminated.

The player should look illustrious anyway - the hero should look heroic, that’s what I think, enemies should look sinister by comparison.

I do like light-heartedness every now and then, one guy killing a room full of enemies. Most of the zombies used to be people, they either died due to trying to fight off these creatures themselves or they have been died. It’s funny in a way.

It has been a while since I have looked at any D3 screen shots as well; are you sure the one on the left is not from TL? :slight_smile:

those are d3 monsters…