New Crate games

Hello there.

Sorry if this question has already been answered but I am new here and I am kinda lost.

Do Crate plan to release another game?

What is the best way to stay updated about new DLCs and new games? I don’t have much time to keep up with the news, and I only discovered Crucible after its release on Steam (I bought it full price).

Thanks in advance.

looking at the dev update forum is the best place for news

and there is one confirmed expansion in the works.

after that no idea, as Crate hasn’t said anything past that as far as I’m aware of. Still, the new expansion is starting to sound pretty awesome.

hope that helps

A new project was actually mentioned in this article:

Even so, those backers and the Early Access customers who followed them helped build a stable foundation on which Bruno could build Crate Entertainment. Development on Grim Dawn proper is coming to an end, and Bruno estimates the game’s lifetime earnings have doubled or possibly even tripled the money spent making it. The studio is now working on an expansion for Grim Dawn that will launch early next year (probably), and has started work on a “totally different type of game” to launch after that, both of which will be funded by Grim Dawn.

“Working on this project is like easy mode to some extent. We’ve already got the funding for it. I know how we’re going to release, just not necessarily at what point… I think that we have all the funding we need to complete it and whether we release on Early Access or not is more a question of to what extent we want early feedback on the game.”

I guess I missed that, sound interesting, I guess we will know at some point what this new game is going to be?

Thanks a lot for mentioned this article. I love reading articles straight from Arthur.

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Medierra mentioned occasionally he wants to make another style of game after Grim Dawn. What, when and how he never really said anything about. They’re focussing on some new rogue dungeons and expansion first before that new project begins.

If someone cares to search back thru the Misadventures around or just after release I’m pretty sure in the comments medierra mentioned the “secret” project way back then (I’m about 95% certain that was the time frame when he very first mentioned it publicly).

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reading the “about” part of Crate entertainment:

We expect 2016 to be an exciting year with the full release of Grim Dawn in February 2016, the start of its expansion and possibly the announcement of another new project.

so just wait, we will may see an possible update about their “new project”

I see. Thanks matthewfarmery!

I really wonder what they have in mind after Grim Dawn (and the expansion). Especially considering their fans are around an arpg (Grim Dawn).

That being said, I like what they do so far and how communicative they are with the community. So, wait and see!

I vaguely remember from back during early forum time where medierra said about what game he is interested in making if gd success.

I think it’s something like RTS or space arpg. However we are taking about thing said six years ago so. And they also have that black legion IP in their hand which grava also involved early on.

Eis maybe able to dig that up.

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Wait a second, Crate is planning to release one more expansion for GD and that’s it? Story ends in the middle, I highly doubt single expansion can cover another half of the story that should see the light, or am I missing something?
Plus no matter the game has decent amount of content, it feels like still missing a lot… I was really hoping for something more.

Wikipedia mentions something called Black Legion, which is something they’ve been working on since the Iron Lore entertainment days.

I am not aware that they want to do an RTS game - only that medierra has been a 1337 RTS player. He mostly spoke of a Sci-fi ARPG, but as you said that was six years ago, and that might have changed plans:

Other than that he hinted at games, which play in the GD universe. About a year ago he was more vage (i.e. professional ;)) about their next project:

This game has actually made me look into schooling for game design and stuff like that. I’m old, but I might do it anyways since gaming is not just a hobby of mine it’s a freaking passion!

Ah, my mistake. That those trigger something. It’s sci-fi arpg. It made me remember of Shadowground, first title of Frozenbyte studio. It’s very simple but with good storytelling and dark.

If they still want to make that sci-fi arpg, no doubt I will buy it. Have been itching for something like that for a long time. Also, if it’s spaceship arpg, even better! I want another Space Ranger with real ARPG element!

Much thanks Eis. You’re the champ!

I think it will be long before Crate announce a completely new game, 2020 maybe?

Although GD still have many stories that I want to know, Crate might be want to “refresh” a bit before. That’s the trend that’s I’ve seen in others when I see Runic creates Hob (Zelda-like Adventure) and Lab Zero creates Indivisible (Valkyrie Profile RPG) which I can’t wait to buy them.

They “refresh”, we got a nice "refresh"ment. BOTH WINS!!!

I hope minimun 3 expansions for this game first! hopefully

I dream of a Hellgate London-like game. An actual city nowadays or in the future, but with demons. Imagine if they could buy the IP…

grim dawn ipad edition :rolleyes: