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Are you planning to move Grim Dawn to a new engine in the future? And how will the franchise develop in general?

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The answer is we don’t know yet and the devs have no definite plans atm. Some answers from the live dev streams on Twitch TV re the engine:

27th July:
"drazac :if you do decide to make Grim Dawn 2, can you confirm that one of the goals would be to use new engine

Zantai: I can’t actually confirm that for you because there’s really two avenues we could take with Grim Dawn 2. Either we start with a new engine and we rewrite a lot of the mechanics that we added for Grim Dawn to add it to that engine or we take the Grim Dawn engine and overhaul major components of it to bring it up to speed with whatever era we’ll be in at the time technology-wise."

5th October:
"CepheidSauron :How much more can this engine be pushed?

Zantai_GD :any engine can be pushed as far as you’re willing to dedicate programmers. Just look at unreal
Medierra :At this point, the limit is the existing game / content, not the engine. So we could potentially keep the engine and totally update it if we went on to make a totally new game with it."

Atm Forgotten Gods looks like being the last big content for the game, though the devs have said they’ll continue supporting it as long as it makes sense financially to do so. They have some ideas for smaller content which they may continue to push out, but unless FG surprises everyone with its sales figures a third expansion is unlikely.

Any GD2 or another APRG is probably some years down the line. The team have been working on the game for 6 years and would like to try out other game ideas. We know there’s a town builder that Medierra has been working on for the last few years which he’s hopefully just about ready to tell us more about. And then it’s on to another project after that.

Medierra gave his reasoning for diversifying back in 2016 in this post:

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Thanks for the answer. I wish, in this case, success for the future addition of Fogotten Gods and the entire Grim Dawn franchise. The great Blizzard also started off small … I wish your studio and future projects tremendous growth.

Last question - Will the future of cinematics appear in Grim Dawn as the Titan Quest intro?

There are no cinematics planned for FG. There were some complications when they added the AoM one plus FG doesn’t start in a similar way to AoM since you can try that out any time after killing Warden Kreig.

Thank you, but I meant the Grim Dawn franchise as a whole, or perhaps cinematics will be added with patches for the Grim Dawn intro and the Ashes of Malmuth intro, after the release of the second supplement.

I doubt it. As said FG is likely to be the last big content for the game so why would they change the cinematics when the game is effectively finished? :confused:

If/when they make a GD2 or other ARPG maybe they’ll go for a different cinematic style then.

The problem is, is that doing cinematics is hugely expensive, even in engine, as scripts need to be written, voice lines recorded and the characters etc have to be rigged and animated appropriately, along with any custom art assets needed for the scenes. All of which can get very expensive, very quickly from what I’ve heard.

And that money for a game like Grim Dawn is limited and usually much better spent on gameplay content and features.