New Feature: Ask for gear on the forum and they drop ingame.

This morning I commented this on another topic:

Then tonight I wanted to test if my char could handle Challenger Crucible and I did a 1-150 run. Guess what dropped?

Oh yeah, the chest piece of the set and the blueprint for the helmet. Totally random or a hidden feature of patch that complaining about not having some item on the forum makes it drop ingame?:rolleyes::smiley:

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Hah! Only Challenger difficulty! What a noob!

Just kidding, when I played the game for the first time I could not go past wave 50 in Challenger. xD Now I mostly do Glad 100 - 150 on every character, but I get no good drops so I don’t play it. Also, you’re a lucky bastard. :stuck_out_tongue: