New Mastery: Demon Hunter (D3)

The reworked Demon Hunter and other 5 classes are available on this new thread here

Old thread’s description:

[spoiler]I used to love playing the DH Class in D3, so I decided to adapt it into Grim Dawn. I included a lot of original skills, and some others I had to change a little bit.


►You can edit this mod however you want to for personal use.

►This mastery mod can be merged with other mods. If you want to create unique items for it, be my guest.

►I DO NOT own, and I DID NOT create any skill icons in this mastery. It’s just images found on web searches, which i’ve modified to match with the skills description. The original skills have the original icons from D3 (Except for ‘Multishot’, ‘Hungering Shot’ and ‘Shadow Power’).

► Mixed Classes names:
• Soldier = Horseman
• Demolitionist = Pyrohunter
• Occultist = Devil Slayer
• Nightblade = Demonblade
• Arcanist = Arcane Hunter
• Shaman = Savage Rogue

►Credits for the Class Images:

Original Skills:

• HUNGERING SHOT - Default weapon attack. Deals physical and vitality damage.
↓ Sharpshooter - Deals piercing damage and passively increases physical damage.

• RAPIDFIRE (Passive) - Passive with a chance of activation. Momentarily increases attack speed.

• PERFECTIONIST (Passive) - Increases all resistances.

• AWARENESS (Passive) - Activates at 25% of life. Restores health and absorbs all damage taken for a few seconds.

• VENGEANCE (Passive) - Passive with a chance of activation. Gain offensive advantages, chaos retaliation and damage absorption.

• SHADOW POWER (Active) - Temporally buff self. Gain life steal on attack and bonus life regeneration.
↓ Night Bane - Deals frostburn damage and slow enemies.
↓ Shadow Glide - Increases movement/attack speed.
↓ Gloom - Increases several resistances.

• MARKED FOR DEATH (Active) - Debuff on enemies. Decreases movement speed and physical resistance.

• RAIN OF VENGEANCE (Active) - Rain of arrows in area. Deals piercing and bleeding damage.

• LEECH (Passive) - Increases vitality damage and gives you life steal on attacks.

• IMPALE (Active) - Throw a magic knife that passes through enemies, dealing piercing damage to all of them.
↓ Cold Penetration - The knife deals additional cold damage and slow enemies.

• PREPARATION (Active) - Temporally buff self. Restores a portion of your energy.
↓ Invigoration - Bonus maximum energy.

• BALLISTICS (Passive) - Increases the DH’s main damage types and cunning.

Adapted Skills:

• SHADOW BOLTS (Entangling Shot) - Default weapon attack. Deals cold damage and slow enemies on hit.
↓ Multishot (Original Name) - Additional projectiles on attack. Freezes enemies on hit.
↓ Wind Chill (Original Name) - Deals frostburn damage and passively increases cold damage.

• ELEMENTAL STRIKE (Elemental Arrow) - Default weapon attack. Passes through enemies, dealing fire damage.
↓ Lightning Bolt (Original Name) - Explodes on hit, dealing lightning and electrocute damage.
↓ Blazing Improvement - Deals burn damage, passively increases fire damage.

• DEATH STAR (Chakram) - Launch a sphere that deals chaos and physical damage.

• INFERNAL BLADES (Fan of Knives) - Throws knives out in a circle, dealing piercing and fire damage.
↓ Flaming Penetration - Passes through enemies and deals burn damage.

New Skills:

• MEDUSA’S PERDITION (Hungering Shot passive) - Deals vitality and poison damage, with a chance of petrifying enemies.

• CEREMONY OF SHADOWS (Ultimate Skill) - Summon spirits of shadows to fight by your side temporally.

• DARK TRICK (Replaces “Vault”) - Teleport yourself to any location at a certain distance.



UPDATE 2 DOWNLOAD (With sources)

UPDATE 2 DOWNLOAD (With sources and unique classname files - You’ll lose skill points)


UPDATE 1 - Festival of Nerfs.

CHANGELOG (min level-max level):

Hungering Shot. I need two guns.
• Now, really requires dual-wield ranged or a two-handed ranged weapon.
• Vitality damage decreased from 12-147 to 6-81.
No longer deals physical damage.
• Maximum weapon damage decreased from 100-160 to 100-150.
• Energy cost reduced from 4-8 to 2-4.

Sharpshooter. Bonus attack speed removed. Probably it wasn’t working.
No longer deals physical damage.
• Now it deals piercing damage b[/b] as shown in the description.
• Physical modifier increased from 8-40% to 10-65%.

Medusa’s Perdition. You’re not a plaguemancer.
• Poison damage decreased from 86-185 to 10-87. Time duration decreased from 3 to 2 seconds.
• Vitality damage increased from 22-89 to 16-170.
• Petrify chance increased from 15-37% to 45-75%.

Shadow Bolts. The big problem.
• Weapon damage decreased from 100-190% to 105-135%.
• Maximum cold damage decreased from 5-110 to 8-83.

Multishot. Not “Multidamage”.
No longer decreases physical/cold damage only, it reduces all damage instead (Thanks to Nightmare for the tip). Total damage modified: -90>-75%.
• Number of additional projectiles reduced from 5 to 4.
• Freeze chance reduced from 100% to 15-45%.
• Mana cost decreased from 12-15 to 7-10.

Wind Chill. Winter is not coming.
• Bonus cold damage decreased from 75-120% to 15-75%.
• Frostburn damage decreased to 4-49. Time duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

Elemental Strike. Elemental “Spare” now.
• Weapon damage decreased from 150-225% to 75-105%.
• Fire damage decreased from 12-147 to 6-111.
• Energy cost reduced from 30-45 to 15-30.

Lightning Bolt. Raiden got jealous.
• Lightning damage decreased from 30-150 to 8-52.
• Electrocute damage decreased from 44-224 to 22-77. Time duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
• Stun chance decreased from 15-35% to 10-25%. Time duration reduced from 1.5-2.5 to 1-2 seconds.

Blazing Improvement. Call 911.
• Maximum burn damage decreased from 23-248 to 23-113. Time duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
• Fire damage modifier decreased from 20-86 to 15-55.

Shadow Power. There is ‘Leech’ already.
No longer gives bonus life steal.
• Cooldown time decreased from 25 to 20 seconds.

Night Bane. You’re not an arcanist either.
• Frostburn damage/Slow radius decreased from 16 to 6.
• Total speed modifier decreased from -55>-75 to -30>-60.

Shadow Glide. Run, Barry. Run.
• Bonus attack/movement speed decreased from 20-35% to 10-25%.

Gloom. Not too resistant.
• Bonus resistances decreased from 20-28% to 10-25%.

Rain of Vengeance. Sorry about that.
• Now it deals 37-127 of piercing damage per hit.
• Also deals 31-106 of bleeding damage per hit for 2 seconds.
• Number of arrows decreased from 32 to 18.
• It can kill a group of mobs till the end of its duration. At maximum level, the damage dealt to Darius Crounley (Level 35) was = 8-12% of his life. Tested without any bonus piercing/bleeding damage from items.

Rapidfire. Hold on there, cowboy!
• Maximum bonus attack speed decreased from 50-77% to 50-65%.

Leech. Less vampirism.
• Life steal decreased from 10-25% to 6-15%.

Vengeance. Too much damage.
• Total damage decreased from 20-40% to 10-25%.

Awareness. Easy, Highlander.
• Cooldown time increased from 35 to 40 seconds.

Death Star. Explodes on impact!
• Description text fixed. Thanks to jiaco for the heads up.

Ballistics (Original name). Goodbye, Gunslinger.
• The skill is the same, but it’s no longer needed to enable the ability to dual wield ranged weapons. Any weapon attack skill enables it by itself. Skill icon has been changed though.

Some combination names has been changed:
• Nightblade = Demonblade
• Arcanist = Arcane Hunter
• Thanks to Titanbane for the suggestions.

Community Translations.
• The text file Class07Tags.txt was renamed to ClassDemonhunterTags.txt
• Thanks to FOE for the suggestion.

UPDATE 2 - Multishot nerfed again. Great buff to Death Star.

Awareness. A reason to level it up.
• Now the percentage of damage absorption scales with level. ̶1̶0̶0̶%̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶l̶e̶v̶e̶l̶s̶ → 70-100%.
• % maximum health restored decreased from 50-64% to 25-60%.

Rapidfire. Less attack speed at lower levels.
• Bonus attack speed decreased from 50-65% to 30-65%.

Marked for Death. A little adjustment.
• Maximum physical damage resistance modifier decreased from -9>-39 to -10>-35.

Elemental Hunger. No longer displays a second mark above enemies head.

Power of Shadows. More skill levels.
• Now it has 16 levels, instead of 10.
• Bonus life regeneration per second: 7̶5̶-̶3̶0̶0̶75-450.

Flaming Penetration. Too hot.
• Burn damage decreased from 31-174 to 15-125.
• Burning duration decreased from 3 to 2 seconds.

Rain of Vengeance. Now it slows enemies.
• Slow target movement: 20-35%.

Multishot. Stop freezing everyone!
• Chance of freezing enemies on hit reduced from 15-40% to 5-20%.

Death Star. It’s called ‘Death’ for a reason.
• Now it has 16 levels, instead of 12.
• It got easier to hit enemies.
• Chaos damage increased from 101-387 to 200-950.
• Physical damage increased from 67-265 to 40-340.
• Minimum cooldown time reduced from 5.0-3.0 to 4.5-3.0 seconds.

Ground of Chaos. The number of levels is the same of Death Stars.
• Now it increases the Death Star total damage: 25-100%.

Unique Classname. ClassDemonHunter.
• An alternative version with unique classname on files was made.

UPDATE 3 - Just a few UI changes.

Sorry for the bad english. Enjoy it and give your feedback. :)[/spoiler]

wow that is not a necromancer

i mean. that is incredible. you really put alot of effort into making it “it’s own thing” . great work !

A win in my book. Sold!

The description on Shadow Bolts suggests it requires DW-ranged, but it also enables DW-ranged. I put 1 pt in SB but 0 in Gunslinger and was able to equip 2 pistols.

Just getting started with this mod, so feedback is limited, but looks very promising. Would love to see a Grimmest merge with this, if you are willing. Have you tried it? Can a solo mastery Demon Hunter keep up with the mobs?

Wow, I didn’t realize that, but I think it’s not a big deal, since the Gunslinger Passive also gives bonus damage, it continues being useful. I only played it until level 10, but I guess skills like Awareness, Leech and Shadow Power give good sustain for this class. I’ll make some updates in a few weeks. Thanks for the feedback!

Was a little surprised to see that Elemental Strike is also LMB skill. There are at least 3 in the mastery. But I have unlocked the first modifier on Shadow Bolts and am now ripping through the content. A lot of fun. Cannot wait till Falcon Swoop is attached to this. You have me torn between staying solo DH, adding NB for more cold, or starting another DH with a different LMB skill, which is a good thing. :smiley:

Death Star should read: “that explodes when hitting” or “that explodes when it hits”.

The tier 5 skill at the bottom, I am using a bit like Pneumatic Burst for the heal, it would be nice if higher levels of the skill either reduced the cooldown or extended the duration. (If it does this already, ignore this comment as I have not leveled it much trying to push for that Multi-shot).

Yes, there are 3 LMB skills to choose. I think Elemental Strike is more OP than the others. That’s why it has a higher energy cost. I prefer not to change the Shadow Power’s cooldown/duration because of the big healing and LS it provides, but maybe i’ll update some things on it.

Note: About the Shadow Bolts issue, I didn’t know that making a skill exclusive for DW-Ranged, automatically enables the ability to DW-Ranged. So I’ll have to change the Gunslinger description, maybe even the name. Hungering Shot actually has no requirement. I’m going to fix it too. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the tips! :smiley:

Multistrike is the most OP skill I have ever seen. Very nice and great fun, but facetanked Gutworm at level 15, ran all of DS (including Salazaar) at level 14. The Warden went down almost instantly and now Cronley has too, everything just melts.

Either the damage reductions are not working or they are not harsh enough. But the skill feels like a tier 40/50 skill.

thanks for this mod, I just took a break from GD and now this has me back in again, and it is great.

I’ve noticed it. When you shoot too close to an enemy, the 5 projectiles strike him at the same time, dealing too much damage. I’ll have to decrease even more the damage or reduce the number of projectiles.

Hello Grimer,

Very nice idea and very nice mod! :slight_smile:

But a request: Can you please rename the text file “Class07Tags.txt” into “ClassDemonHunterTags” or so!

It would be easier for us to play with Community Translations.

And for translation. :wink:

I’ll change it when I update the mod. Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

Really interested to try this out. Just love the dark concept/theme of this class.

Regarding the class combination names though, may I suggest that you rename a couple of them.

• Nightblade+demon hunter = Thief…please no man, that actually feels like a huge demotion from Nightblade and demon hunter both. Imagine you save the whole damn world from the clutches of evil and yet get referred to as a thief lol.
(My Suggestion: Demonblade)

• Arcanist+demon hunter= Frost Hunter…Idk but this makes it too frost-centric, which is not the case as arcanist is not all about cold damage and demon hunter itself is also far from being only cold.
(My suggestion: Arcane Hunter)

Apart from that, thanks for this great new class.

I’ve run out of ideas for class combination names. I did not give too much importance to it, but I will remember your suggestions. Thanks for the comment! :wink:

This is pretty much the only thing missing from Grim dawn,
thanks man,
you should def check out DAIL and incorperate your class in there

Shadow Bolts needs -total damage modified, having -to physical/cold is extremely insignificant and considering it is so easy to shotgun with high weapon damage it is OP as fuck

Yes, SB/Multishot will get a big nerf on the first update. I probably will release it today or tomorrow, tops.

Wait till you unlock the Nuclear Rain (tier 50) skill (not real name, but maybe it could be)…nothing can withstand it with just 1 point invested. I ran all the way to the boss at tyrants hold and gathered everything up that would follow and nuked the room.

True the only skill that seems to be somewhat balanced is the summon shadows one.
Passive are OP, all 3 auto attack replacers are OP

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Well, I am really enjoying the OP mastery as it is now. It is enabling me to do things, like run SoT at level 22, that I have not done before. This SoT run actually got sticky in a few spots as I was flying around teasing out monsters like I was an under-leveled God, just to get stuck in place and unable to dish out damage, getting surrounded and desperately trying to find an empty spot on the ground to click to get out of Dodge. I actually ran into the shrine room without killing anything and triggered the Shrine just to see if I could make it. It took a while to clear that room, but in the end, it was a blast.

If you get stuck just use shadow trick to reposition yourself?

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