New Modding Site and an Apology


I have a site at

Some of them may know me from Titan Quest recovery days:

I will tel you why i created that site and what is my aim.

After closing of forums i was very unhappy and angry. A company only thinking of their profit just pulled the plug without even asking or warning the community. I wanted to recover all of the labor created by the modders. And i promised a thing like that will never happen again. That was the last flame to push me create the site.

Another reason is when i was browsing Nexus or other modding site i was having a hard time to understand what the mod was about or all of its features. Because the descriptions and files were not very organized. I had to do a lot of research before getting mods work the way i want.

I want to create a place where every mod could be hosted, not deleted, not destroyed on a whim and a place where you can easily read the what the mod does in a clean way, easily download the mod and archiving it for future generations. Some 5 years from now on when i want to play some Grim Dawn mods i don’t want to search the corners of the internet, or finding a site just closed by some random company.

For including mods i have no choice but take the core materials from mod creator’s writing. After all the it is his/her mod and knows everything about it. Also i want to include the original text as much as possible.

But i am not just copy pasting the text. I spend at least 1 hour or more for every mod i put there. I search other posts, i search for problems, compiling everything then I am editing for the order of the explanations, adding headers for easy navigation, putting emphasis to some text, colorify important ones, trying to create a standard and easy way to read for every mod user out there. I want them to see all the important headings before diving into the mod and easily go to the section they want.

Then i download, rename and upload all the images about the mod to my server. Just linking them is the easy way but i don’t do that. This is a caution for preserving them. I also rename every image and try to give them meaningful names one by one. After that, I also re-package the mod files and compress them with .7z to have the best compression for download, also rename them to have a standard system. I also add version numbers if it is missing. I categorize them on my server(mastery mods, gameplay mods etc…) Then i upload them to my server on their respective folder (apart from the categorization in the site, files and dirs also have categorization in server filesystem) for users to download them at a fast speed without hindered by anything.

Apart from that, i am also writing mod guides(my titan quest all mod guides, how to install titan quest with most popular guides and if i find time taking videos which i have done for titan quest camera mod collection.) I was going to make something like that for Grim Dawn too after i completed including all the mods on my site. Complete description and summary of all the mods. And that is why i was rushing to add every one of them.

What i am trying to say is that i am not lazily copy pasting the mods for cheap profit. I am trying to create something different, a good place for gamers. I have been working for this site since 6 months. Full time. I have no hidden, pop-up annoying ads, no re-directs. I have spent a lot of money for the site (and continue to do so) and full 6 months of my time for that site.

I have accomplished that goal for Titan Quest and for Anniversary Edition. You can see nearly every TQ mod and tool there. For AE, mod creators are uploading their mods to Workshop and not everyone them providing an external link. People who bought the game from GOG can not access the files. By putting them to my site i have provided these people to try and play the TQ:AE mods. A lot of people e-mailed and thanked me about that.

This is a site for gamers from gamers. I am looking after the servers and codes, optimizing the server, paying up the server and bandwidth costs. I am trying my best for this site to be a really beatiful and rich place for gamers. Even someday i couldn’t keep up with the costs, someone could take over and continue that work. All mods will be in one place and organized.

I am asking you to help me. The biggest help i can get from you is that you let me share your mods on the site. Let me be your editor. If you don’t something there, i can change it. Though the public registration system will be opened soon, i can give any mod creator an administrator account to control their mod pages the way they want. I am to open to all suggestions. Let’s make this dream come true.

About the Site Name:

Kırmızı Perfect name dates back to our chilhood with arcade machines. The children playing there created their own jargon in gaming. When you beat someone without a scratch in fighthing games like Street Fighter you get “Perfect”, but if you managed to do it when you have only one-hit HP left then you would get “Kırmızı Perfect”. Kırmızı means “red” in Turkish. “Red Perfect”. Your HP bar is full of red and you get to win. Thus “Kırmızı Perfect” :slight_smile:

Special thanks to my friend snyzer for this great but nearly forgotten name! Now this name will continue to live on.

Ok, but how do we pronounce the word “Kırmızı”? Go to the link below and click to the speaker icon to hear it:

[email protected]

Thanks for writing this up. I think it is very important that you made this all clear.

I think your motivation based on what happened with TQ is great, but you have to realize that from other people’s perspective, people that do not know you, that your site does not immediately represent the bastion of stability that you propose. It is not that I do not wish it to be the case, but how can I be sure it will not be offline in a year or two?

Second, hosting lost files from abandoned mods is a HUGE positive. rehosting mods under active development is just a hassle. It is hard enough making sure bug reports are generated with the latest version of the mod. Hell, I have not updated my own mods on Nexus in quite some time as I hate that site so much.

I think your site looks great. I do not want to see you stop. I just think that for the development phase of the mod, you should refer players to the direct link provided by the modder. You can still host the file, but provide text that the player might find a more recent version if they check the forum thread before downloading.

This about sums up my thoughts. You have a full ‘OK-go’ from me to host my mods anywhere, but it is probably worth noting that a fair number (all) of them are still in active development.

Here’s a list of links to the mods I’m actively working on which you are free to host on your site, and I’d be appreciative of it if you did:

Cornucopia(I checked with the co-creator, adoomgod, and he seems OK with it, but you may want to contact him yourself as well, possibly by sending him a PM here on the forums)
No Environmental Damage
GDBuilder (kind of abandoned `cause it never really seemed to be used by anyone, but I recently had an idea for it, so I may incorporate its base into something else…)

You can also motivate others to report bugs or contribute in some other ways adding some text bellow the Surce code.

Something like: If you like this mod help the Dev by reporting bugs/etc

And is still up and running, thankfully for the time being with no hiccups/downtime. There are some new mods there for the Anniversary Edition so you might want to check with the people who made them whether it would be okay to host them on your site as well. How many are still being worked on I don’t know except for Bumbleguppy’s Legion of Champions which is still a work in progress.

@jiaco, That is a valid concern and your suggestion is a great idea. I may fall behind sometime for updates. I will definitely warn them about to check the original development thread first.

As for trusting, yes people don’t know me, yet. But we have to start from somewhere.

What if go offline from a year now on? How can we now what will happen? Honestly you can not know and i don’t know that too. Nothing is certain in life but i know only one thing. If i decide on something there is no one that can change my mind. This site is just starting and i can not even thinking of leaving it before it becomes a place like in my mind. Why people don’t put a little trust in it, wait and see what will happen? But if they don’t do that, without any trust or support i can’t do anything.

Lastly, i am happy that you liked the site and for your support! Thanks jiaco!

@Ceno, You are supporting me from the first time since i write to you and i am grateful for that! I addressed the concerns you share with jiaco in my answer to him. I will PM adoomgod and ask for him too. Thanks again for letting me share your mods!

@cosminkz, This too is a good idea. I will update all the mods with the warning jiaco suggests and yours.

@medea, Yes i am glad it is running. But never forget that before it they were telling that they had no plans of openinig it again. After a lot of emails, telephone calls and everything they still didn’t make anything. Only after Kreisher offered them a price to buy the forums, then they immediately put the site online. Seeing the site could make a profit, they haven’t sell it and decided to continue to host it. Not because they have a generous heart or liking the Titan Quest, mods or forum members, to make a profit from it at the future.

Yes, i will make a similar thread on Titan forums too. Thanks for reminding me!

@Every modder, Give me your PayPal addresses for people who want to donate.

IMHO, I would think starting somewhere would be contacting the modders and asking if they wouldn’t mind you posting their mods on your site. Asking first shows you care. :slight_smile:

Other than that, and as already been stated, many of the mods are still in an active state of development. So it seems like it would make sense to have links that point people back to the modder’s post so that they can get the latest update.

Hi, ibugsy. Yes as i said on my first post i am very sorry about. I couldn’t think about i would upset people while working with intensity for my site. I was thinking i was doing a good job for them and trying to complete Grim Dawn mods as soon as i can. I had no clue before Elfe messaged me. Now i see and understand from their perspective too. What else i can say, i don’t know.


  • Added the text of jiaco and cosminkz suggested to all Grim Dawn mods.

Good Job Man and keep up the good work


  • Searched the whole Grim Quest thread for the old changelogs. Now Grim Quest page on KP updated with the complete changelog.

  • New screenshots taken and replaced the old ones for the updated Grim Quest masteries.

  • Added the complete Cornucopia changelog.

  • Updated TQ:AE Legion of Champions Mod to the latest version.

  • Site name history and pronouncation, email address and instagram address added to the first post.

-Updated Grimmest to the latest 1.0 version.

-Added Omega mod:

Added GD: Zenith:

Though this is missing the changelogs and some of the mastery lore(like elementalist)

Damn you did some work finding those change logs, nice.

Thanks Asylum! :slight_smile:

-Updated Omega Mod to the latest version.

NCFF Masteries Mod added.

DAIL added.

Insanity: Rift Walkers Mod added.

+Added Sound of the Dawn Music Pack
*Updated Insanity: Rift Walkers
*Updated DAIL
*Updated GDStash Tool according to newest version.