New Music - "Lonely Moon"

Our sound team has posted a new, haunting melody to the music section called Lonely Moon. Somehow it seems to convey both despair and hope to me in a single track. We hope you enjoy it!

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Very nice. I feel the hope in it towards the end.

May I ask of the artist the software used to produce the track? I’m just finding my feet with Ableton Live.

Do you want to push me to suicide! :cry:

very nice, makes a change from the dark and creepy music, more of a breather, your taking a rest someplace

but a nice track

I’m using Logic 9, which powerfully handles both audio and MIDI equally. I haven’t gotten into Live, but no one’s denying that it is also an incredible tool for music production.

What instruments do you use? Do you play them yourself? Ever heard of the Hang?

I would listen to this, as I’ve greatly enjoyed the songs released so far, but I have to wait for tomorrow, no sound available here.

That’s totally what I expected, thank you.

I’m sure it could be also melancholic with some wind or old guitar like work of Finn Seliger on The Wispered World or Chains of Sanitav, or Kai Rosenkranz on Risen, but still far more gloomy. :smiley:

Isn’t that an old african instrument ? Heard about that on my first encyclopedia Encarta on PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly can’t praise your music guys enough. They really know how to make these tracks full of emotion and dispar. I love it.

Be sure to upvote hopefully some randoms will check it out.

No, in fact it’s new, was developed in Switzerland around 2000.

Really good somber stuff right there. The soundtrack to this game is going to be outstanding.

Thanks. appreciated.

+1 on the music. I like all the tracks so far.

Amazingly haunting! Yet laid back, calm and majestic at the same time…

All you music guy have not yet put a foot wrong. Loving all your work :smiley:

I really like it, wish it was longer.

You guys are killing it in the music department.

Amazing track, thanks for sharing! =)

Guys, I would have only one plea for you… Could you please ID3 tags to your songs?

Thanks! =)

Wow, what a track… Can’t stop listening. It conveys the feeling of anxious safe haven, like you’re in peace from all the monsters and threat in some town, but at the same time things are looking pretty damn bad there.

It’s beautiful, I love it! I do wonder how it feels like in-game, but just listening to it, I’m truly amazed. Wonderful job!