New PC for Grim Dawn


I need a new PC (still using Windows XP FGS!) and have a budget of about £700 (GB Sterling).

What would people recommend in terms of pre-built desktops?


Thanks, g.

I would really recommend going for i5 7600k instead of the i5 7500, as its about 20% faster at stock speeds and have the potential of overclocking (which is really nice for grim dawn since its single core only atm)

as for ram id say you would want atleast 8 gigs.

as for gpu id say gtx 1060 / rx 470 or better.
but 1060/rx 470 should be fine for grim dawn at 1080p 60fps

but really, building it your self is usually way cheaper than buying a prebuilt, and you dont get scammed when building it your self. usually prebuilt computers come with really bad motherboards and next to noname PSU’s.

its not hard to build a computer and there are many good and simple guides on youtube.

thanks - really helpful!

I have toyed with building my own and have done things like adding gfx cards and hard drives but I’m wary about doing the motherboard and chip and getting all the connections done properly.

You’re right that the PSU and mobo in pre-builts are often low-grade.

Last time I ordered all the parts and got a professional to build it - which still saved money on pre-built, so may try that again…!

If you already done it then no idea why you would want a pre-build now.

Go to, find/ask a decent cookie cutter recipe and then find a workshop that’ll assemble it for you.

This is just thing I found on the 1st page:

Gaming PC $700
and it already looks much better at glance than the pre-build you linked

Since 700 funts is around 900$ you still have 200$ margin to pay for assembing.

I fail to understand why ppl buy 4-core CPUs for games if they don’t plan streaming them. Last time ive checked, Pentium G4400 performed more or less equal to I5 7500, but former cost 4 times less =).
Whats more important is a good M2 PCI-e SSD drive. Stuff like Samsung 960 EVo realy speed up loading time and make things run smoothly.
For RAM I wouldn’t buy less that 16 GB for modern PC. Cheapest Samsung DDR4 works okay =)
For GPU - o wouldn’t go for less that GTX1060 6Gb.

BTW overclocking on Intel systems is not cheap today =( You are Forced to buy Z170/270 motherboard if you plan any OC and you need good cooler to make it worth the effort >_> I d rather stick with box G4400+some cheap iH110 MB .

Personally I wouldnt buy anything else than a 6core ryzen
6 cores helps with anything with a pc today.
streaming sure, but also better workflow and gaming overall.

Its one reason I bought ryzen 1600, oc to 3.8ghz and its simply put made my rig effortless efficient for my usage.
much better than my oc 4670k that run at 4,.2ghz that I replaced.

If you would only play games without multicore support then sure, why not. But I don’t think that such a system would age well.

Any big difference in performance between PCIe SSD and 6GB sata SSD?

If you would only play games without multicore support then sure, why not. But I don’t think that such a system would age well.

Any big difference in performance between PCIe SSD and 6GB sata SSD?

I see no difference between i5 3470 and G4400 with same GPU in any game i play. Stuff like ES2, PUBG,Xcom2 run just fine on both .
But the difference between 960EVo and ,OCZ Vector SSD is huge. Windows boot time is around 3 sec on 960EVo with fast boot enabled, stuff just run smoother and faster in general.

BTW, its just me, or CPU performance didnt realy progressed for past 7 years? 0_o Cause the only noticable difference between Sandy bridge(2010) and Kaby lake is negligible frequency boost.

Not just you, it often comes up on reddit/buildapc. Pretty much why many expect more and more new games to have multicore support. And why the hype around cheap Ryzen 6/8-core is a big deal.

nah, its more about streaming popularity. Even if multitread support is implemented in games, how much games are bottlenecked by CPU anyway? And why do games need so much processing power, that they require 8 cores CPU =) ?
My guess - G4400 would do fine for next 5-6 years on all games, that would run Okayish on GTX1060 . And after that much time its less painfull to trash 100$ worth system on G4400 rather that 400$ worth system on I5 7500 or 300$ on ryzen.

  1. I know a few people who wish GD wasn’t single core.
  2. Any 4X game wins from processing power.

multicore cpu is way more optimized now than it was a few years ago, id say 4 core is almost needed today.

many games are cpu intensive and scales with multicore.
for example witcher 3. bf1, poe, wolcen, AoS, etc.

for 60 fps 4 cores is good enough for most games, but for 144 at higher res etc you really benefit from more cores, even hyper threading is scaling good in many games now.

2 cores wouldent be able to keep up in many games today imo.

but for grim dawn only, 2 cores should be enough as the engine is really old and only supports one core.

check this out

i5 7600k vs i7 7700k at 4.8ghz
the i7 has way better frames in many games and its not even true 8 core, but 4/8 hyper threading

Thanks everyone!

Would some brave soul like to try to sum that up for me in terms of:

  • CPU (multicore for future proofing, even though it’s not strictly needed now)
  • Gfx card (GTX 1060 or better)
  • RAM (16MB)
  • Hard drive (SSD of some sort; or two drives?)

Bearing in mind that I don’t intend only to play GD for the rest of my life. Although with 2.2k hours and counting that’s not impossible!

I can’t really recommend anything without knowing your budget limitations…

How much do you want to spend on those 4 parts? (CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD etc)

Here’s a quick and dirty build you can use as a baseline:

Ive checked the video -there is no meaningful difference between stock i5 and overclocked to bakery i7. Framerate is well above 100 fps. I bet it would be the same if you switch i5 with G4400 . So why bother? By the way they used 1080Ti for these tests. Drop it for GTX1060 and you will see how useless these CPU are.

Thanks. About £700 all in?

yes, with a 1060 the difference is not really noticable with 4/8 core but i meant in general. I for example play at 1440p at 165hz and i often get up to 90% cpu usage over all my cores on my i7 6700k @ 4.5ghz and i only have a gtx 1070.
so when i upgrade my gpu next gen im happy that i have hyper threading.

but for OP quad core is obv the way to go due to the budget

There ya go, feel free to hit me with questions etc.

700 GBP is about 900$? ~250$ for video, ~150$ for 960EVo ~160$ for 16GB DDR4 . I hope he don’t need PSU or new case.

isnt samsung 960 m2 almost the same price as 850 sata?
Edit: i mean as the MB you included has m2 he might as well use it :smiley: