New player questionss

Just started the game and it is very confusing so far… Even more confusing than POE for me… I am level 25 and I went to KORVAN BASIN. Not sure what that area is but I cant go back to normal map… How can I go back?
And another thing, is this CAIRN all act 1? because it is not very clear where is act 1 or 2??

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

This might help with the transition.

Also this may help with understanding the game

You can get back to the other part of the map by simply putting down a personal riftgate and then clicking on any of the riftgates you’ve opened already.

Cairn is the name of the world - as we call Earth Earth. The game isn’t really divided into Acts, but flows continuously. However the term is used quite a lot to denote certain areas of the game so

Act 1 - up to where you kill Warden Kreig

Act 2 up to killing Cronley

Act 3 up to Darkvale Gate

Act 4 Asterkarn up to killing Loghorrean (end of the base game)

Act 5 Reaching Lone Watch

Act 6 Malmouth and killing Theodin Marcell (end of Ashes of Malmouth expansion)

Act 7 the whole of the Forgotten Gods area

Click and drag the map.

Can you tell me what is korvan basin then? is it just expansion map?

Yes, is the map for the Forgotten Gods expansion. Everything in that expansion takes place there.

Have more questions:)
Is that expansion map requires to go when you are some sort of level or any level? and in general, Wherever I go, looks like monsters are my level, do they adjust by players level or every area have monsters to it’s level?
Also is there any way of track the quests? I got loads of them but not sure where to go…

The Forgotten Gods expansion is accessible once you kill the Warden in Act 1 and are at least L15. You can do it at any time though. The smoothest progression is GD - AoM - FG.

Areas do have levels which is why if you’re too high then some crafting materials won’t drop. But they also scale to your level.

GD doesn’t hold your hand for finding quests. When you near a quest location a star will appear on the mini-map, but otherwise it’s clues from the quest notes and exploring everywhere to find them.

Is there any tips or guide for devotion points quests? I am lvl 26 and only got 7. Saw guy on youtube who has way more at lvl 24.

No quests except one have anything to do with shrines and devotion points. There’s a list of them here

Only the one labelled as Mogdrogen’s shrine is related to a side quest and to get that you need to be Honoured reputation with the Rovers faction.

There’s also a list of them with their requirements here

Depends on what you mean by way more. Act 1 will give you 7 devotion points if you’ve found all the shrines. If he went into Forgotten Gods early and did that then he could get 10 more points.

Thanks a lot for info