New stuff coming soon...

Just wanted to let you guys know we’re working on some new stuff that I hope to share soon but it is taking a little longer than expected to finish it up.

One thing I hope to show soon is a sort of warehouse / waterfront district that is shaping up nicely. It will feature a lot of big buildings and narrow alleys to fight through, with several places where randomized barriers can alter the flow of the level.

Also finishing up some work with the Occultist class and I should have some more to share about that. :wink:

Excellent! Looking forward to hear about both of these updates. I will eagerly await as always.

Always good to start a day with good news,can’t wait to see those updates :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, medierra, what a good start of the day!

Thank you, we appreciate it! =)

great:D! can’t wait…


Tease :stuck_out_tongue: Now I’ll be hitting the forums every six hours to see if there has been any updates.

both sound awesome, can’t wait for the news on both updates

close combat / narrow street fighting sounds great, would add a lot to the level, rather then fighting in large open spaces all the time

can’t wait for me


one concern that just entered my head with this is, is pet AI, and how good pet /s will be able to follow in narrow streets, as there are a couple of d2 levels which were murder for companion AI, so I hope GD will not suffer from the same problem and leave the PC vulnerable

Warehouse/ Waterfront District sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see it. :slight_smile:

Can you clear this area from monsters to help the survivors start up a camp there so they have access to the sea/ocean? Will something like this be in the game?

Sounds great. Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing more.

How about sharing an alpha build… or some more vids? :slight_smile:

or both? :slight_smile:

No seriously any update is welcome. We understand how hard that job is.^^

I was really only just teasing. I’m sure we’ll get good stuff when it’s ready.
It’s the only game I’ve ever followed where I feel like the guys could be my next door neighbors working on a game in their lounge room.

Hehe, well said, I feel the same. =)

Sounds cool. Am ready when you are for media consumption!! :slight_smile:

It is entirely possible that we are; have you checked?

Sounds like it will be a cool update.

Great to hear! I had begun to get slightly worried since the last update on the main page was all the way back in November but I didn’t want to sound impatient because I want you fine folks to take all the time you need to make an awesome game. I can’t wait to see what you will soon have to show us. Thanks for the status update. :smiley:

if that is the case, then that person might be lucky enough to have a sneak peak of the current GD build:D

everyone check your neighbours, you might be the first amongst us to see GD in action since the last video:D

Can’t wait to hear what you guys have in store for us!