New to GD - Cold Reaper build, would appreciate some help

Hi there,

I recently started playing Grim Dawn in the last two weeks and have gotten myself through to ultimate. I’ve done a lot of research into the Reaper class I’m playing but would appreciate some thoughts on the build I’m working on.

GD Tools link

I don’t mind if you tear my build to shreds I need to learn!

Thanks in advance!

You can check this topic for Soulrend Reaper: But your build looks good.

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Some of these items are very very rare, be prepared to farm alkamos like crazy

I do not have the time to dissect the build in great detail now, but consider squeezing in Decay or Ill omen for damage reduction (sure Alkamos proc has it, but pretty low value)

You need a resistance roll on the conduit too.

Slow and stun seems low too

I would also consider just using coldstone since you do not have that many WPS to play with here

some things I did, went for chaos res roll on conduit and of attack on the belt and changed pants (and armor augments)

Good luck with the farming!


Hey I know this is a bit old lol but Im just starting a reaper build as well. Can you explain the difference between using decay or ill omen? Does the damage reduction work on bosses? And I keep reading old threads mentioning ill omen is only physical damage reduction but idk if thats been patched. If theyre both the same it seems like ill omen might be better?

Yes, to full extent.

Patched. Was only Physical also in the skill’s description

Omen has more damage reduction but RE is a more offensive spell:

  • has 33 skills modifiers in total whereas Ill Omen only 15 throughout the items
  • RE is one of the best proccer in he game, perfect for Twin Fangs for example

I would always take RE unless you have skill modifers and stuff to Ill Omen from your set and items and it just better suits your build. Or maybe lots of +X to Ill Omen so that the damage reduction is considerably higher than RE.

You can see the difference in proccing in the following video. It’s night and day.