New Translation Requirement (language.def)

Beginning with v1.0.2.1 (the next hotfix patch), there is a new entry to the language.def file that is required to allow translations to work with the game.


This has been added because old translations have been causing issues with quest progress for some players. Users with old translations will now be forced into English, and be given an error message requesting they download the latest version of the appropriate translation.

It’s important that only up-to-date translations are uploaded to the localization portal, and not any work in progress stuff.


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In addition to this change, the in-game language download dialog will now only include translations which are up to date.

This patch is now live. If your translation is finished, please add


to your language.def file.

There are no changes to the text in this update. We will be working towards a better solution to this problem that doesn’t involve disabling translations for every future build.

Added. Thanks :slight_smile:

It is not true, there are fixes in tagsgdx1 skills and items, +1 added item description of Dagallon’s Destroyer.

I didn’t notice it, thanks.

From Chinese Team.
Actually,There are only two people in making translation work. This is our fastest speed. You know, there’s a huge amount of information,We’ve tried our best.

It’s fine. I’ve clarified the original post. Translations don’t have to be “complete”, they just have to be based off the latest file set (so that if there are untranslated parts they show as English rather than being missing from the files).

What about this? Can you take a look? Or we need to upload two different translations, one for the base game and another for the expansion :confused:

After the last update my language has disappeared, it is not possible to select it and it is not available for download.
I do not know where the file I need to modify is, or how to add the line. If you can do a tutorial so that I can translate my game to PT-BR again.

It will be available again soon, probably before the weekend. Unfortunately I am having some problems with my computer and will need to replace my videocard. I am using another computer and don’t have access to all the files I want to update the translation because I’ve never bothered to make a backup. Sorry. :o

Hey guys, I would love to help you translating this game. Please let me know if you need help in French, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish.

Hello Rhis!

Acording to the problem translastion with or without addon (see here Localization does not fit non-DLC version - Grim Dawn Forums and also in this thead), is it posiblity to make a 2nd check in the “language.def” for that!?

So that user without addon how load the wrong translation also will now be forced into English!

And can we have some more upload areas for the tanslations without addon!?

I think they’re covered.

Hello Rhis!

No comment?! :undecided:

Hello Rhis!

Some questions/wishes for the translation!!!

^^ #1!?!

#2 - Is it possibility that we can get a string for comments for the translations!?

I imagine there a string in the “tags_uimain.txt”, which is displayed in the main menu, see picture.

ATM we use the string “tagQuickTipMainMenu” from “tags_tutorial.txt” for a info, but these sting does not show permanently.