Newbie need advice for build


I think i’m overthinking this thing way too much, like always…

I’ll see later what i will do then.

You can always ask and someone will make you a theorycraft / sketch of a build with only easy to get / target farmable items.
There’s a whole compendium for that btw but no sorc there atm because builds with all gear available are naturally more popular amongst builders Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

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If i do that, i will do that every 10 level lol.

I’m bored of callidor, i’m lvl 28 and wanted to see what i could do. There a tons of sorcerer build and 95% of them don’t even use attack from arcanist, just passive and buff.

I’m full buffed +%fire damage so i think i’ll look at some demolitionist skills to use then :smiley:

Wow, okay you made all that, great thanks buddy :smiley:

You could also play Aether Ray or Trozan Sky Shard as Sorc if you’d like to use some Arcanist skill
here’s some Fire Aether Ray build for example (weapon is a faction item at least so it’s easy to get)
Some players just want to watch the world burn ! - Sorcerer(-ess) (Arcanist + Demolitionist) Fire Albrecht Aether’s Ray

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Thanks i’ll check on that :smiley:

You could also use another Fire Ray from a component which is strong too, doesn’t need an investment and has a lovely +1 to Demo: Conflagration

this can be vendor farmed if you don’t have it (you reset vendor till he has blueprint you want), 3rd act at the earliest
Here you can find YT vid showing this skill: :damage_chaos: Skills granted by items [video, GT links, damage types, source item types]

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Lol, i just kill the warden and i start forgotten gods like people told me to.

Thanks for the tip, as always :smiley:

When i see Demo skill, it seems more appropriate to use his skill for damage than arcanist. Cause except ray and callidor, arcanist is not that good in fire (i think i don’t know i’m a noob).

Maybe i push my arcanist too much and not enough my demo. When i saw video of skill like mortar it’s just amazing lol.

How do i know when i will be in act 3? For now, i kill the warden and i need to repair a bridge. don’t even know which act am i.

Act 2 is behind that bridge. Act 3 is after you kill Act 2 boss Cronley. When you get to Homestead in Act 3, you can go to a dungeon called Port Valbury and get Conflagration there if you want although it’s not necessary and might be too much / overwhelming for a new player. Just mentioning it if you’d like to use this Fire Ray I mentioned asap but you won’t need it.

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GD by Acts according to the Grim Misadventures

Act 1 up to Warden Krieg

Act 2 up to Cronley or Deadman’s Gulch since iirc we got stopped at that point - not sure

Act 3 Pt 1 up to Homestead

Act 3 Pt 2 area around Homestead

Act 3 Pt 3 up to Darkvale Gate

Act 4 Asterkarn onwards

Then later for the expansions during playtesting it was

Act 5 Gloomwald up to Altar of Rattosh - again initially we could only test that far

Act 6 to end of Ashes of Malmouth content

Act 7 Forgotten Gods content


There’s a reason why I am making these beginners guides :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But to be more precise, majority of these builds you see posted are meant to tackle hardest possible content, so their goal is to have best in slot gear across the board. Of course some of the pieces are interchanggeable and build can function without every specific piece of gear.

But of course there’s different gear requirements for builds. For instance if you see build, which relies on more monster infrequent gear without specific affixes and without sets, they are easier to make. Or target farmable sets or gear like Dark One.

At this point of the game this isn’t point of concern. Choosing a build is though :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t decide, i annoy myself…

I think i’ll stop to play for a few day and look at build/gameplay.

Too much choice kill the choice for me, and can’t decide. I’ll tell you if i ever choose a build to finish the game at least once tho :wink:

Toss a couple of dice for the mastery choices, job done. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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To be fair, in this forum, there should be a wheel of choice. New lost people like me would just roll the wheel and play the build the wheel stopped on.

Would be a great idea :smiley:

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Just think which is your favourite colour and roll the damage type is similar to it. Then take the classes, which supports it and take the one, which sound most badass to you and voilà, you have a build :smiley:


This is an RPG as well, so pick something that you thematically like. We have classic Soldier, Dark Magic Guy, Assassin, Necromancer, and Fire-Crazed Arsonist, among others.


My fav of all time are and always will be dark wizard like necromancer. Here, i think the necro lack of curse and dots.

Necro is someone who poison your mind, can be transformed into a dark soul and haunt you. Curse and confuse your enemies to fight for your and even revive the fallen enemies. There are no skills like that in the necro here (that i’m aware of) :smiley:

BUT, i made a chart and rolled the dice (for real), it’s gonna be a necromancer with nightblade or occultist i don’t know, nightblade seems better. I don’t want a full pet build, i tried that with conjurer it’s pretty boring. I want to make my controller suffer for playing those buttons.

As for the build, here i am begging you again :smiley:

I don’t know if i can play with a scythe (2H) or if it’s better DW. Please, choose for me what type of damage doing and i will play a build compared to this damage. I’m too lost with the damage type and skills cause skills give you +% to different type of damage in the same time and i can’t choose.

So yeah please, 2H ok or not and the type of damage, i’ll do the rest by myself.

I’ll thank you kindly :smiley:

You really covered a lot of different builds there :laughing: not even mentioning what skills you’d like to use. But I will think of something

I love the Necro in Grim Dawn and its skills, not a fan of this class in other games.

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To be fair, a necro with a scythe would be perfect :smiley:

I love curse and dot, not pet. The problem seems to be that you’ll need certain item with granted skill by this item to have a viable build. I just want a class and play the game :frowning:

Drain essence is not good cause you can’t move. All of the other seems great but not much skill to do damage though…

There’s a lovely weapon Soulrend designed for 2H Cold Reaper but it’s an endgame weapon.
Also this set Armor of the Eternal Night. They are target farmable - althouth it can take a while.
But it supports Shadow Strike melee / charge attack.
And also you use Necromancer’s Ill Omen with it which is a DoT

I’ll think how to best level into it, if leveling 2h from the start is reasonable :thinking:

I really like Cold Drain Essence Reaper

@Azazel If you really like curses cast from afar and kiting maybe it will probably be better if you play Cabalist (Necro + Occultist) and cast Ravenous Earth / Sigil of Consumption / Bloody Pox.

Here’s some Cabalist: [] Beginner's vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor with leveling guide

and you could also play around Sigil (there’s a great shield for it): [][HC] Beginner's Shield Caster Sentinel - SSF + Viable for first character and end up with the following build: [] Cabalist 12-13 Sigils. 100 SR. 150-170 5m 20s. Crate of Entertainment. Ravager. Avatar and other bosses

(but Cabalist instead of Sentinel for example)

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Thanks for the tip. And is that will be viable for endgame? like ultimate or would i need to change to play that?

EDIT: Thanks a lot, i will check all of those and start as a necro, but cabalist seems good too :smiley: