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You’re right.
I modded them away. Can show you how if you like.

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Pet Vitality to Fire conversion please, Defilers still have the short end of the stick on that end (too). Not only do we lack the strong multi-resist support from Shaman/Occultist, but the conversion that would at least give SOME degree of compensation is straight up not working without there being any ingame indication that a pet item’s conversion is only for non-pet builds.

Korvaak’s Burning-Blade is still Zantai’s first gift to defilers but pet defiler is still very disappointing so far.

edit: hold on, I just found the conduit. … which doesn’t work with the only skeleton set that exists.

edit2: And not much in terms of alternatives either.

Or they have to play Diablo and POE,haha

People can play Grim Dawn with 3 buttons or 10 buttons. Why would we forcefully dictate how many skills a build must have now? If your build has too many buttons for your liking…adjust your build?

Also not sure who these players “abandoning the game” are.


In fact gameplay, there are a lot of people think Grim Dawn more than the other two, just Pyromancer. Deceiver. MageHunter. Apostate. Pet Three class, etc. There are so many keystrokes, lead to very few people choose this kind of class customs clearance games, They will complain in social software and then leave, in fact these classes also have the least build here.
I think having some buffs resident where Heal can trigger periodically.

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Thanks.This is in the display without the buff will be how difficult game.

Some very subjective thought. I love it when there are a lot of buttons and it’s not difficult for me to press them, they don’t let me fall asleep on my super builds))) and the fact that my assemblies are not here is to blame for the crooked system for loading builds here, which I could not master.

There are no plans to solve problems with optimization? It is impossible to fight with some superbosses due to constant lags; in open-type locations, when the camera rotates, there are also permanent problems.

personally never had lags with the celestials :thinking:

camera rotating is known tho

Callagadra, Crate of entertainment

Totally agree on adding rainbow filter functionality to the base game.

Speaking of qol features, I am vanilla GD enjoyer. However I can’t remember last time I played the game without Rainbow Filter. Simple text recolouring has big impact on item readability imo.

And for the love of Korvaak, add some way of increasing stash. Using mules is such an outdated concept, such a small shared stash space only hurt players without adding anything of value to the game. I am not asking for infinite space, however even doubling shared stash will be a massive qol improvement.


crate lags over time if you get more and more boxes spawning over time/the arena fills up
calla shouldn’t lag unless you might be using the cactus exploit that messes with AI/pathing i think :thinking:

I don’t use anything, the animations on these superbosses kill arbitrariness and FPS always and regardless of the battlefield.

I disagree there though, the shared stash actually has quite some space
Making it larger, or doubling it, will eventually put you in the same spot
If you like to hoard things (I know I do), a stash tool is a far better option than using mules

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Hey there!I really really love the game and have over 4600 hours on it.As you can guess i am eager to try some different build or something new.And here comes the conduits.Great change of the usual meta of the mastery that makes you try to be creative.But almost in all cases the conduits dont have any other build related support items.For example we have Chaos damage mortars conduit.That’s great but there is zero items that gives chaos damage and some other modifiers for mortars.What i really liked in Grim league season 5 is that they filled these holes in itemization for conduits that allows you to have 2-3-4 items that are focused on supporting the conduit on which you want to base your build.If needed i can give examples for the items like in the already mentioned build for chaos mortars you have chaos damage based shield with modifiers for mortars and chaos damage gloves with modifier for mortars.And my idea was to have more items that support the meta of the conduit based builds.

The thing I crave the most is… Having a more obvious queue for the cooldown of Health and Energy potions, so it’s not required to have them on the hotbar just for that (considering there are special hotkeys for both of them, is redundant to have them on the hotbar). My piano builds would be very happy.

With that being said, I just want to add a big thank you for all the work you’ve done over the years. I’m approaching 1k hours in-game and still having so much fun in it.


You can take them off the hot bar? Just right click I believe and move them from the hot bar.

Edit: welcome to the forum!

Thank you for the welcome! :smiley:

I know I can take them off the hotbar, but in doing so, you don’t have a more obvious way to tell if it’s off cooldown or not, so an independent indicator for that would be very good to have.

To be honest it’s very nitpicking, the game is already great as it is. Thank you for replying tho! :smiley:


Oh my bad dude, I misread your query.

Yeah it’s quite the game and the community isn’t bad I heard ….:wink::joy:. It’s always nice to see polite newcomers here who are appreciative of the devs’ work and don’t come off bitching and complaining lol.

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